Time Line

India    14-Mar-2000

Two KCF terrorists, alleged to be working for Pakistan’s ISI, were arrested in Gurdaspur along with a revolver, explosives and trigger mechanisms. Official sources said that the two were on a mission to trigger explosions in buses and trains.

India    25-Mar-2000

Police claim to have solved the mystery surrounding a series of train and bus blasts in Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Delhi with the arrest of three militants of the Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF).

India    28-Mar-2000

Police arrested a KCF (Zaffarwal) terrorist, Raj Pal Singh along with a revolver and some ammunition from Gurdaspur in Punjab. Singh had been active from 1991 to 1994 and had made several trips to Pakistan to bring consignments of arms and ammunition. He was arrested while returning from Jammu after meeting his associates and other Jammu-based terrorists.

India    31-Mar-2000

According to Police and intelligence sources, efforts are on by some Khalistani militant outfits based in Pakistan, Germany the USA and Belgium to re-establish their contacts in India. The sources feel that the outfits, which include the Babbar Khalsa, the KCF and other militant outfits, are compelled to show some kind of activities in India to their sponsors, including the ISI of Pakistan, to sustain their funds and donations.

India    07-May-2000

Kapurthala Police arrested four terrorists belonging to the KCF (Panjwar) group and recovered nine kg of RDX from them.

India    14-May-2000

Union Home Minister L. K. Advani said that the government was 'actively considering' releasing Punjab terrorists, now in prison but were not facing any serious charges for their pro-Khalistan views during militancy in Punjab. With militancy having ended in Punjab, the cases of those detained could be reviewed, Advani said.

India    26-Jul-2000

A top smuggler, suspected to be an important member of the narco-terrorism network backed by Pakistan’s ISI was arrested in Jalandhar District. He is suspected to have earlier aided the escape of a top KCF leader, Rattandeep Singh, involved in a Chandigarh bomb blast, from India to Pakistan on July 12, 1999.

India    15-Oct-2000

Delhi Police arrested four persons and recovered a large cache of arms and ammunition from a city market in Azadpur. Police said that the cache was smuggled into India from Pakistan through the Western border and was being routed through the capital for final delivery at Jalandhar in Punjab. It is suspected that this cache, which includes small and automatic guns, ammunition, explosives, and other equipment, was to be used by the Babbar Khalsa group. Police have attributed this to Pakistan's efforts to revive the dormant terrorist movement in Punjab by some Khalistani outfits.

India    07-Nov-2000

Punjab Police arrested four persons, including two BKI activists, and recovered a large number of arms, ammunition, fake currency and heroin from them. The arrested persons are believed to be planning to perpetrate mass killings.