Time Line

India    19-Jan-1988

Three suspected Khalistani terrorists rob Rs. 28,42,860 from the State Bank of Patiala, Nalagarh.

India    26-Jan-1988

Panthic Committee displays a Khalistan map at the Parikrama of Golden Temple in which air and sea ports and some cities are renamed and entire India is claimed as Khalistan.

India    14-Feb-1988

Atinderpal Singh Bhopal, Husan Singh, Husna of Rangretta Commando Force and others form the Khalistan Liberation Organization (KLO) at Anadpur Sahib with Atinderpal Singh as its President.

India    04-Mar-1988

Jasbir Singh Rode and other High priests released from jail.

India    08-Mar-1988

SGPC accepts the resignation of Prof. Darshan Singh Ragi and formally appoints Jasbir Singh Rode as Jathedar Akal Takht.

India    09-Mar-1988

Jasbir Singh Rode takes over as Jathedar Akal Takht. Saropas presented on behalf of Panthic committee, AISSF, KCF, BTFK, Akal Federation and SGPC.

India    11-Mar-1988

AISSF (Gurjit), vice president Sher Singh Sher maintains that the aim of the federation was to attain Khalistan and nothing else would be acceptable as they had already rejected the Indian constitution.

India    19-Mar-1988

Bhai Jasbir Singh, speaking on the second death anniversary of Jagjit Singh Rode, says their struggle would continue on the lines given by Sant Bhindranwale.

India    19-Mar-1988

Avtar Singh Brahma of Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF), says in a message that they would not surrender till the attainment of Puran Azadi (complete self-determination).

India    11-Apr-1988

The leaders of Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF), Shamsher Singh and Takht Singh, claim that their organization is a political one and its aim was Khalistan. They reject the activities of Panthic Committee, and reiterate that they believe in armed struggle. They also claim responsibility for the assassination of Indira Gandhi, Sant Longowal and a breach in Bhakra Canal.

India    13-Apr-1988

Jasbir Singh Rode addresses Baisakhi conference at Talwandi Sabo, quotes Bhindranwale as saying the foundation of Khalistan would be laid the day Government attacks the Golden Temple. Announces the dissolution of both factions of the AISSF and the formation of a five-member ad hoc committee with Gurjit Singh, Gurjit Singh Kaka, Surinder Singh Baba, Kulwant Singh Khukhrana and Sher Singh Brar.

India    14-Apr-1988

Jasbir Singh Rode clarifies that Bhai Manjit Singh has been appointed president with Gurjit Singh as senior Vice President, who would act as Convener till the release of the former from jail. .

India    03-May-1988

Honouring the families of 134 Sikh Army deserters, the High Priests appealed to Sikhs to be baptized for the creation of Khalsa Raj.

India    04-May-1988

Jagir Singh and Nervier Singh display a sign board of ‘Khalistan office’ outside room No.14 of Parikrama in Golden Temple.

India    11-May-1988

P.S Badal, Suchinda Singh, Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa and Guryev Singh Badal warn that unless the Government lifts the siege of the Golden Temple Complex within 48 hours, they would march towards the temple on May 14 to restore the right of worship and pay obeisance.

India    12-May-1988

P. S Badal reiterates that party MPs, MLAs, United Akali Dal councillors and SGPC members would march towards the Golden Temple Complex on May 14 to liberate it from security forces.

India    12-May-1988

High priests including Jasbir Singh arrested for attempting to march to Golden Temple.

India    13-May-1988

Pro-AISSF students from GNDU Amritsar, Polytechnic Hoshiarpur, PAU, ITI and GNE Ludhiana, Punjabi University and Thapar College Patiala observe a strike to protest the arrest of high priests and firing at the Golden Temple Complex in Amritsar.

India    14-May-1988

P.S Badal and other leaders court arrest in Chandigarh.

India    15-May-1988

Around 146 extremists surrender from the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

India    16-May-1988

S.S Barnala, Balwant Singh and 220 workers, try to gherao the Raj Bhawan, rounded up by Chandigarh Police.

India    16-May-1988

Dr Kewal Krishan of Congress-I injured in a shootout at Mukerian in Hoshiarpur district.

India    18-May-1988

Around 30 labourers of Sutlej Yamuna Link (SYL) Canal killed and 12 injured in a shootout at Majat village.

India    18-May-1988

Three extremists commit suicide, two others killed in firing at the Golden Temple. Around 46 extremists surrender to the security forces.

India    20-May-1988

Four persons killed and 20 others injured as a bomb explodes in a HRTC bus near Kandwal barrier.

India    20-May-1988

SGPC decides to withdraw kar-sewa being done by various sants in Golden Temple complex. They remove doors and partition in the parikrama rooms and request the Singh Sahiban not to interfere in its work.

India    21-May-1988

‘Maryada’ (dignity) of Golden Temple is restored.

India    22-May-1988

Golden Temple opens to all devotees.

India    22-May-1988

United Akali Dal (UAD) withdraws its Morcha (Rally).

India    25-May-1988

Tarsem Singh of BKI claims crores of rupees sent by the ISYF World Sikh Organization and Council of Khalistan to Manochahal and Labh Singh to distribute among the families of killed youth and the November 1984 riots victims was used by them to purchase property in UP.

India    28-May-1988

P.S Badal, Sukhjinder Singh, S.S Dhindsa, Surjan Singh Thekedar, Sher Singh Doomcheri and others were detained under the National Security Act (NSA).

India    30-May-1988

SGPC executives dismisses five high priests, and sets. up a task force of 100 ex-servicemen to maintain the sanctity of the Golden Temple Complex. It decides to demolish unwanted structures, not allow anyone to live in the complex, and to observe June 18 as ‘paschatap’ (remorse) divas.

India    19-Jun-1988

Hindu Shiv Sena president Ramakant Jalota shot dead.

India    26-Jun-1988

Meeting of United Akali Dal (UAD) presidium and Council members (pro-Baba Baba Joginder Singh) expels Manjit Singh Calcutta, Bhai Shaminder Singh and five SGPC executive members from the party. Sacking of five high priests by SGPC also rejected.

India    01-Jul-1988

A seven member AISSF ad-hoc committee supported by the Panthic formed with Gurnam Singh Bundala as convenor and Gurnam Singh Buttar as member.

India    09-Jul-1988

A UAD party meeting chaired by Captain Amrinder Singh appoints Joginder Singh Mann as convener and demands that the Golden Temple be handed over to the SGPC. It also condemns the expulsion of UAD and SGPC leaders by Baba Joginder Singh, and supports the power of the SGPC to remove and appoint Jathedars.

India    17-Jul-1988

UAD convenor, Joginder Singh Mann appoints a five-member committee to bring about unity among SAD factions.

India    20-Jul-1988

A combined group of Badal, Tohra and Talwandi disassociates from unity move and decides to revive the old SAD under J. S Talwandi.

India    20-Jul-1988

SGPC executive demands handing over the control of Golden Temple to the SGPC or face an agitation

India    21-Jul-1988

KLF ’chief ‘, Avtar Singh Brahma killed in a police encounter in Rajasthan.

India    25-Jul-1988

SGPC General Secretary Bhan Singh and head priest Giani Sohan Singh shot dead and SGPC secretary Mal Singh Ghuman injured in an attack in Ludhiana.

India    03-Aug-1988

Supreme Court upholds the death sentence awarded to Satwant Singh and Tirath Singh, and acquits Balbir Singh in the murder case of Mrs Indira Gandhi.

India    05-Aug-1988

S.S Mann dissolves 21- members of UAD council and five-member committee and enlarges presidium to include Chottepur and Walia.

India    13-Aug-1988

SGPC executive appoints Darshan Singh Ragi as Akal Takht Jathedar and Manjit Singh Calcutta as secretary general.

India    15-Aug-1988

Jasbir Singh Rode and other high priests released from jail

India    19-Aug-1988

Senior Superintendent of Police Sital Das and his deputy (detective) Baldev Singh Brar shot dead by Assistant Sub-Inspector Dalbir Singh at the station house officer's (SHO) room in Patiala. Dalbir Singh shoots himself after slaying the two.

India    20-Aug-1988

Former High priests and Rode announce sending of Jatha for the liberation of Golden Temple Complex from the security forces if government fails to lift the siege by September 30, and appeals to Sikhs to observe Ardas Diwas on September 11 and 12.

India    20-Aug-1988

‘Shaheedi conference’ organised by SAD (L) at Longowal attended by Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Assam. The opposition leaders demand implementation of Punjab Accord and the release of Jodhpur detenus.

India    25-Aug-1988

J. S Talwandi elected as president of UAD by MPs, ex-MLAs and district presidents.

India    01-Sep-1988

Darshan Singh Ragi takes over as Jathedar Akal Takht.

India    07-Sep-1988

Seven family members of Station House Officer (SHO) Dhariwal shot dead by Khalistani terrorists in Majitha in Amritsar district.

India    11-Sep-1988

Ex-high priests observe Ardas Diwas by offering prayers in Gurudwaras. They reject the appointment of Talwandi as president of UAD and back SS Mann for the post. They announce that a Sarbat Khalsa would be held at Amritsar on Diwali November 9 to clear the controversy over the appointment of high priests.

India    13-Sep-1988

Around 16 persons killed in a shootout at Sirhind.

India    19-Sep-1988

Punjab BJP president Hit Abhilashi shot dead by extremists in Chandigarh.

India    20-Sep-1988

Strikes in various colleges on September 19, 20, and 21 against riots at Biddar in which some Sikh students were killed.

India    21-Sep-1988

Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi visits Punjab.

India    22-Sep-1988

138 Jodhpur detenus released.

India    30-Sep-1988

A Jatha comprising 101 men led by J. S Rode leaves Damdama Sahib for Amritsar for the liberation of the Golden Temple from Security Forces.

India    30-Sep-1988

Unprecedented floods in Punjab affect over 4000 villages.

India    10-Oct-1988

J. S Rode reaches Golden Temple, claims mission fulfilled. He also reiterates his programme of ‘Sarbat Khalsa’.

India    11-Oct-1988

Former state cabinet minister Bhagwan Dass, his bodyguard and another man shot dead by extremists.

India    14-Oct-1988

Akalis and other opposition parties criticise the visit of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to the flood hit areas and the announcement of Rs 100 crores as flood relief.

India    26-Oct-1988

Gurnam Singh Bundala urges the Panthic committee to summon Sarbat Khalsa.

India    03-Nov-1988

New Panthic Committee comprising Dr Sohan Singh, Wadhawa Singh, Mehal Singh, Satinderpal Singh and Jaspal Singh formed.

India    03-Nov-1988

11 Hindu bus passengers killed by Bhindranwale Tiger Force of Khalistan (BTFK) at Sufian Wala in Ludhiana in Punjab.

India    04-Nov-1988

At least 19 labourers shot dead by Khalistani terrorists at a Government seed farm in Lodhowal in Ludhiana, Punjab.

India    05-Nov-1988

United Akali Dal (UAD) Mann presidium extended to include Sant Ajit Singh, Gurtej Singh Ex-IAS, Jagdev Singh Khuddian, Bhai Manjit Singh and Atma Singh.

India    05-Nov-1988

Bharat Mukti Morcha seminar held at Chandigarh.

India    06-Nov-1988

Lawyer Ram Jethmalani demands the recall of Governor, says Anandpur Sahib resolution advocates autonomy to the States and strengthening the Centre.

India    07-Nov-1988

Gurnam Singh Bundala and Gurnam Singh Buttar factions of AISS united under Bundala as convener, pledge to work under the old Panthic committee.

India    07-Nov-1988

Captain H.S Rode announces appointment of Baba Joginder Singh as acting president of UAD (Mann).

India    07-Nov-1988

Captain H.S Rode announced appointment of Baba Joginder Singh as acting president of UAD Mann.

India    08-Nov-1988

Jasbir Singh Rode announces postponement of Sarbat Khalsa Scheduled for Diwali Day.

India    11-Nov-1988

The high priest decides to summon Barnala before the Akal Takht on December 5, along with his resignation from the president ship of the SAD (L).

India    19-Nov-1988

Charanjit Singh Walia rejects the appointment of Baba Joginder Singh as acting president.

India    22-Nov-1988

Militants kill around 25 persons, including children and women at Kaithal in Haryana.

India    22-Nov-1988

After the announcement that Kehar Singh and Satwant Singh would be executed, AISSF (Daljit group) issues a poster appealing to all to stop work and close establishments for three days.

India    22-Nov-1988

Khalistani terrorists kill 22 persons and injured several at a bazar in Batala, Gurdaspur on the eve of Guru Nanak’s birthday celebration.

India    28-Nov-1988

Captain Arminder Singh announces that UAD (Mann) would merge with UAD (T) subject to the condition that SS Mann would continue to be the ‘patron in chief’ and Talwandi would step down when Mann is be released.

India    29-Nov-1988

SGPC member Harjinder Singh killed and S Talwandi escapes an attempt on his life in Ludhiana.

India    29-Nov-1988

Charanjit Singh Walia Chhotepur, Sant Ajit Singh, Joginder Singh Mann reject Captain Amrinder Singh’s claim that SS Mann had accepted Talwandi as President.

India    01-Dec-1988

Darshan Singh Ragi calls for seven days mourning and Akhand Paths in Gurudwaras in case Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh were hanged.

India    04-Dec-1988

SS Barnala dissolves the working committee and youth wing of the SAD (L).

India    05-Dec-1988

SS Barnala appears before the Akal Takht, and awarded religious punishment. He submits a copy of his resignation as president of the Akali Dal to the party secretary.

India    07-Dec-1988

Five members of a marriage party killed in indiscriminate firing by Khalistani terrorists at Zeera-Makhu road in Gujran, Punjab.

India    09-Dec-1988

Giani Balbir Singh Jathedar of Takht Kesgarh Sahib shot dead in Ropar in Rupnagar District.

India    25-Dec-1988

SS Barnala appears before Akal Takht after completing his punishment, re-admitted into Sikh Panth.

India    26-Dec-1988

Baba Joginder Singh group captures the SGPC stage at the Jor mela in Fatehgarh Sahib.