Time Line

India    01-Jan-1990

The general secretary of AISSF, H S Sandhu, while addressing a press conference in Golden Temple Complex, disclosed that they will release a list of police officers involved in the killing of Sikh youth on January 26.

India    03-Jan-1990

Three persons were killed and 15 others injured in a bomb explosion inside a HRTC bus near Jaisinghpur in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

India    06-Jan-1990

Four armed Khalistani terrorists looted Rs. 4,57,038 from the cashier of Pammvi Factory in Jharmazri in Himachal Pradesh.

India    07-Jan-1990

Baldev Singh of AISSF (D), while addressing an Akhand Path gathering at Bathinda, described AISSF as Fauj (Army) of Khalistan and its main duty is to fight for the creation of Khalistan. He also asked Mann not to accept anything less than Khalistan.

India    10-Jan-1990

Four persons, including IPS Commandant, Gobind Ram, one SI and one Head Constable and one Constable were killed in a bomb explosion in their office at PAP complex at Jalandhar Cantonment, Jalandhar. 11 others were also injured in the blast.

India    10-Jan-1990

SS Mann reiterated that he would not talk to the Central Government until the release of General A.S. Vaidya’s killers, reinstatement of army deserters, granting general amnesty for Sikh youth who are in jails and punishment to police officers responsible for committing excesses on Sikhs.

India    11-Jan-1990

SS Mann, in the SAD(M) meeting at Khudian, stated that police officers who had committed excesses on them, would be paid back in the same coin and appealed to the people to provide a list of such police officers to him. He also warned that police, military officers who were intending to escape abroad, would be brought back and punished.

India    12-Jan-1990

Rajinder Kaur MP, while speaking in Ludhiana, clarified that they wanted Khalsa Raj and not Khalistan.

India    13-Jan-1990

Leaders including Bhai Manjit Singh, Surjit Kaur Johal, in a meeting at Muktsar, stated that they would establish Khalsa Raj according to guide lines of late Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. In the meeting, Baba Thakur Singh honoured the families of Shaheeds (martyrs) with gold medals reportedly sent by G.S.Rajasthani of KCF.

India    15-Jan-1990

Unidentified assailants shot dead Sukhwant Singh Akkanwali at Mansa.

India    21-Jan-1990

SS Mann, while addressing a Conference at Gurudwara Haji Rattan Bathinda, reiterated his political goal as fixed by Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, to give tickets to those who had made sacrifices for the Panth and to punish police officers, army men, Rajiv Gandhi and Buta Singh, for committing excesses on the Sikhs.

India    24-Jan-1990

The general secretary of AISFF, H.S. Sandhu was shot dead by three unidentified persons at his house in Court Road in Amritsar.

India    02-Feb-1990

Manjit Singh and Rajinder Singh Mehta, on the occasion of Bhog Ceremony of H.S Sandhu in Amritsar, in a joint statement explained the concept of Khalsa Panchayats which would ensure complete respect and freedom to the progress and growth of all religions, look after development works in villages, protect the honour of women and girls and punish all defaulters. Panchayats would also be concerned about under-ground militants, their families and those were victimized by State terror, under-take lobbying for arrested/detained Sikh Youth, sort out all matters/disputes related to the village and in case these were not decided locally, reference would be made to Akal Takhat, work against corruption in all departments, respect Maryada of all Gurudwaras, temples and mosques, prevent use of intoxicants and remain in contact with under-ground militants and ensure compliance of their directions. These panchayats would be elected each year on Baisakhi Day in village Gurudwaras and at village level. It will function as a unit of AISSF and later become units of Khalsa Raj.

India    07-Feb-1990

The convenor of Sant Sipahi Front Punjab, Colonel (Retired) Harbant Singh gave an ultimatum to the Government to release the detained Sikh Youth by February 14, failing which dharna would be staged at Raj Bhawan on February 17.

India    11-Feb-1990

One Inspector and one ASI were killed in a power-full bomb blast inside a room of PTC Phillaur in Jalandhar district.

India    11-Feb-1990

SS Mann, in a SAD (M) meeting, warned police and army officers not to commit atrocities on Sikh Youth, failing which they would be dealt with the same manner. He also declared that he would oppose demolition of Babri Masjid by BJP and other parties. In case of a war between India and Pakistan, he asked the people to remain neutral.

India    11-Feb-1990

15 families of so-called martyrs were honoured with “Siropas” in a SAD (M) meeting.

India    13-Feb-1990

SS Mann, while addressing a conference in Sultanpur, Kapurthala, exhorted the people not to guide the army in case of an Indo-Pak war. He said that killings would continue till repression continued and declared that they would hang Rajiv Gandhi and police officers like Kehar Singh and Satwant Singh. He also declared that they would remove shackles of slavery and will follow the path shown by Sant Bhindranwale to establish their own rule. He justified the killing of Smt. Indira Gandhi.

India    17-Feb-1990

Bhai Manjit Singh expelled Amarjit Singh Chawla, Virsa Singh Valtoha and Rajinder Singh Mehta from the primary membership of AISSF.

India    20-Feb-1990

SS Mann accused Tohra, Badal and H.S. Longowal for being responsible for the ‘Operation Blue Star’. He criticised Rail Roko call by AISSF(M) as flop.

India    20-Feb-1990

In an AISSF (Bittu) conference at Gurudwara Sarabha Nagar in Ludhiana, families of so called Shaheeds (martyrs) were honoured with Siropas. A resolution to continue the struggle till attainment of Khalistan was also passed in the conference.

India    23-Feb-1990

Gurnam Singh Bundala announced himself as the acting president of AISSF under the aegis of Damdami Taksal, Chief Baba Thakur Singh.

India    26-Feb-1990

SS Mann opined that Hindus got Hindustan; Muslims got Pakistan but Sikhs who did not get anything, so, Sikhs would have to decide their own future.

India    28-Feb-1990

At an AISSF (Buttar) Shaheedi conference in Amritsar, 101 martyrs’ families were honoured. Through various resolutions they pledged to take revenge for the killing of Sikhs by police, endorsed the goal fixed by Sant Bhindranwale, warned old Akali leadership not to capture power by exploiting the sacrifices of youth, and appealed to Sikhs abroad to extend their co-operation to Council of Khalistan. They also warned Indian Government that any war between India and Pakistan would be considered a war between India and Khalistan and called upon Sikh quom (community) to co-operate with Pakistan army in case of war between India and Pakistan.

India    28-Feb-1990

A message from Barjinder Singh, convenor AISSF (Buttar) said that they did not believe in the Indian Constitution which allowed killing of Sikh youth.

India    01-Mar-1990

PS Badal was elected as the President of SAD (B) in place of J.S.Talwandi who was made party patron.

India    02-Mar-1990

SS Mann, in Chandigarh, opposed the restoration of State Assembly and asserted that SAD (M) want the implementation of Anandpur Sahib resolution of 1973.

India    05-Mar-1990

AISSF (M) split into two factions with the formation of 12 member standing committee in Amritsar under Dharamvir Singh Chandigarh. Rajinder Singh Mehta and Amarjit Singh Chawla parted ways with Manjit Singh alleging his involvement in murder of H.S. Sandhu.

India    06-Mar-1990

PS Badal decided to accept Mann as President of United party on principles.

India    07-Mar-1990

28 persons were killed and another 36 persons were injured in a shoot-out in Abohar.

India    09-Mar-1990

PS Badal called for national debate on Anandpur Sahib Resolution.

India    11-Mar-1990

The Panthic Committee Zaffarwal, AISSF-Buttar, AISSF-Bandala, Manochahaland Rajasthani & KCF- Jhamke group along with SAD (M)jointly read out messages in favour of Khalistan on behalf of militants in Hola Mohalla celebrations at Anandpur Sahib. SS Mann claimed that Sikh religion could not be protected till the ‘Sikh State’ established and he also justified the killing of Indira Gandhi and Vaidya.

India    11-Mar-1990

In a joint conference of AISSF (Manjit) and SAD (M) at Anandpur Sahib, Manochahal and Rajasthani expressed their determination to continue their struggle till the achievement of Khalistan and threatened that anyone blaming the Taksal would be liquidated.

India    15-Mar-1990

PS Badal formally announced formation of 9 members working committee at Chandigarh and nominated Captain Amarinder Singh as Chairman Parliamentary Board, Sukhjinder Singh and P.S. Majitha as Senior Vice Presidents and G.S. Badal as Vice President, S.S. Dhindsa and K.S. Wadala as General Secretary.

India    16-Mar-1990

Atinderpal Singh took oath as Member of Parliament (MP) in Lok Sabha (The Lower house of Parliament).

India    17-Mar-1990

SS Mann, in Chandigarh, declared that the objective of his party is the implementation of Anandpur Sahib Resolution of 1973 within the framework of Constitution.

India    19-Mar-1990

Khalistani terrorists shot dead 11 persons on Talwandi Bhai-Zira Road in Ferozepur.

India    22-Mar-1990

AISSF (Mehta) announced new set-up of Federation, dividing Punjab into four zones, forming 5-member committee for each zone.

India    23-Mar-1990

The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) and SP operations were escaped from a militant ambush in which seven policemen were injured in Ropar.

India    26-Mar-1990

SS Mann declared at Kahnuwan in Gurdaspur that police officers responsible for repression on Sikhs would be punished like Z.A.Bhutto.

India    28-Mar-1990

SS Mann decided to submit resignation of his party membership in protest against the proposed extension of President Rule in Punjab and appealed to other Akalis to join him in protest dharna in Delhi.

India    28-Mar-1990

Prof. Darshan Singh, Jathedar Akal Takhat resigned on difference with G.S.Tohra over Maryada (code of conduct) issue in SGPC Budget.

India    28-Mar-1990

SAD (B) Working Committee opposed extension of President’s Rule in Punjab.

India    29-Mar-1990

SS Mann announced to withdraw support to National Front (NF) Government on the issue of extension of President Rule in Punjab.

India    30-Mar-1990

Some militant organizations requested Prof. Darshan Singh to summon Tohra at Akal Takhat declared him “Tankhiya” for showing disrespect to highest temporal seat of Sikhs.

India    01-Apr-1990

SAD (M) started its month-long relay dharna (protest) in front of Punjab Raj Bhawan, Chandigarh against alleged police excesses by Bathinda police.

India    03-Apr-1990

Around 31 persons were killed and 55 others injured in a bomb blast during Ram Navami procession in Sabzi Mandi in Batala.

India    04-Apr-1990

Kar Sewa (voluntary labour) of Gurudwara in memory of late Satwant Singh (Assassin of Indira Gandhi) started in his native village Agwan in Gurdaspur.

India    06-Apr-1990

Five Singh Sahibans asked Tohra to express regrets over controversy with Prof. Darshan Singh.

India    06-Apr-1990

Terrorist killed Ranjodh Singh, Head Granthi of Gurudwara Patalpuri in Kiratpur Sahib, Ropar.

India    08-Apr-1990

SS Mann called for boycott of all party meeting to be addressed by Prime Minister V.P. Singh. He also warned that they will not allow CPI/CPM and Cong-I workers to go to Amritsar.

India    08-Apr-1990

KLF militants, identified as Jugraj Singh alias Toofan Singh, and Bakshish Singh alias Hira were killed in a police encounter in Batala.

India    09-Apr-1990

AISSF (Mehta) elected Harjinder Singh Jinda (Assassin of General Vaidya) as President with 3-member Ad-hoc committee of R.S. Mehta, Sukhbir Singh of Delhi and Satwinder Singh Bhola. The meeting extended support to militant outfits in Jammu and Kashmir and Assam and appealed to USSR and USA presidents to use their influence to grant associate membership to the Sikhs in UN.

India    10-Apr-1990

SS Mann’s call for Punjab Bandh against extension of President’s Rule evoked substantial response.

India    11-Apr-1990

SS Mann attended National Integration Council meeting at New Delhi.

India    13-Apr-1990

In SAD (M) conference held at Talwandi Sabo, Bathinda, Gurdev Singh Kaunke threatened officers not to commit atrocities against Sikhs, failing which they would meet the fate of Gobind Ram. The conference also decided to observe May 11 as protest day and to conduct a march from Akal Takhat to Punjab Raj Bhawan on May 25 against extension of President’s rule.

India    14-Apr-1990

H.S. Jinda, President of AISSF (who is in Jail) nominated R.S. Mehta as Acting President.

India    17-Apr-1990

SS Mann, in a bhog ceremony held at Cheema Khudi village in Batala, appealed to masses not to co-operate with Indian military in case of Indo-Pak war. He also asked them not to allow police to search without warrants and to prepare list of police officers committing atrocities. Khalistan slogans were also raised besides hoisting Khalistani flag near the venue.

India    19-Apr-1990

16 persons were killed and 30 others injured in a bomb blast inside a roadways bus in Pathankot.

India    20-Apr-1990

In a Bhog ceremony in Batala, Panchayats of village Mari Buchian, Rampur, offered INR 35,000 for the construction of a Gurudwara in memory of slain militants.

India    24-Apr-1990

SS Mann, in Chandigarh, claimed that he could arrange talks between Government and militants, as militants had full faith in him.

India    26-Apr-1990

Bimal Khalsa took oath as Member of Parliament (MP).

India    27-Apr-1990

Mann expanded his working committee by inducting RS Brahampura, SS Chhotepur and CS Walia as General Secretaries and Talab Singh Sandhu as observer for J&K State.

India    29-Apr-1990

SS Mann demanded to suspend the Director General of Police (DGP) and to register a case against him.

India    30-Apr-1990

Around 5000-6000 persons gheraoed office of the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Baba Bakala, Amritsar and later blocked traffic demanding the release of detained militants.

India    02-May-1990

SS Mann said that National Front (NF) government should invite United Nations (UN) to conduct elections in Punjab, if it was unable to do so.

India    03-May-1990

Militants, who were in Border Security Force (BSF) uniforms, shot dead seven persons belonging to Hindu community in Kotli Surat Malhi village in Dera Baba Nanak, Gurdaspur.

India    03-May-1990

During AISSF (Mehta) conference in Bareh, Bathinda, Manjit Singh visualized the emergence of Khalsa Raj.

India    08-May-1990

SS Mann, in Patiala, appealed the people to gherao Police Stations in case of illegal arrests of youths.

India    08-May-1990

Rajinder Singh Mehta becomes President of AISSF-Mehta after the resignation of Harjinder Singh Jinda.

India    11-May-1990

Call for black day by SAD (M) evoked poor response.

India    13-May-1990

Bimal Khalsa demanded registration of criminal cases against Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, SS Ray and J.S. Ribeiro for killing Sikh youth.

India    13-May-1990

G S Tohra managed to survive an assassination attempt while Hardial Singh Rajla, his gunman and driver were killed in a militant attack.

India    15-May-1990

Baba Thakur Singh laid foundation stone of a Gurudwara at Panj Garaian village in Batala in memory of Jugraj Singh and Bakshish Singh.

India    20-May-1990

Bhai Manjit Singh held a meeting of representatives of various employees’ unions in the Golden Temple Complex for getting support to AISSF programme.

India    23-May-1990

SS Mann condemned the appointment of SS Barnala as Governor of Tamil Nādu.

India    25-May-1990

SS Mann suggested to the Government to hold a plebiscite on the question of Anandpur Sahib Resolution. He also said that in case repression was not stopped, they would approach UN and invite international Red Cross.

India    25-May-1990

About 600 workers started protest march from Golden Temple Complex against the extension of President Rule.

India    27-May-1990

Militants shot dead 13 Bihari labourers on Maloke-Noorpur road, Firozpur.

India    28-May-1990

The militant outfits, AISSF, KCF, KLF and BKI criticized Rajdev Singh for accusing SS Mann of being a Congress(I) agent.

India    31-May-1990

AISSF (Mehta), in Ludhiana, declared that they did not believe in the Indian Constitution and their aim was the achievement of Khalistan.

India    01-Jun-1990

During a protest march in Amritsar, MP Dhian Singh Mand stated that if the government failed to comprehend the purpose of their demonstration, they would resort to militant tactics.

India    01-Jun-1990

SS Mann threatened that the police officers responsible for excesses against Sikh youth would be paid back in the same coin.

India    02-Jun-1990

In a letter to the President of India, Prof. Darshan Singh suggested that Political offices should not be housed in Gurudwaras.

India    03-Jun-1990

Four persons were injured as militants ambushed two army vehicles of 9th Battalion Dogra Regiment on Patti-Khem Karan road near Bhura Kohna village in Tarn Taran.

India    04-Jun-1990

Five persons were killed and 30 injured in two separate bomb blasts in Patiala city.

India    05-Jun-1990

At a bhog ceremony of Bikramjit Singh, the leaders including SS Mann, Bhai Manjit Singh, Swaran Singh Zaffarwal, A.S.Bains, S.S.Chhotepur and Mohkam Singh appealed to Sikhs to co-operate with militants.

India    06-Jun-1990

‘GhalluGhara’ week was celebrated in protest against Operation Blue Star.

India    07-Jun-1990

The Punjab Bandh called by Sohan Singh Panthic Committee and four militant groups evoked substantial response.

India    08-Jun-1990

In bhog ceremony of Ranjit Singh alias Kanta at Buttar Kalan in Gurdaspur, Swaran Singh Zaffarwal asked the Sikhs to help militants.

India    09-Jun-1990

SGPC executive appointed Ranjit Singh (accused in Nirankari Baba murder case-lodged in Tihar Jail) as Akal Takhat Jathedar in place of Prof. Darshan Singh.

India    09-Jun-1990

At a ‘Shaheedi Conference’ at Ghorewal in Gurdaspur, Swaran Singh Zaffarwal honoured families of 60 militants with Saropas.

India    11-Jun-1990

SS Mann constituted 10-member committee of Sikh lawyers for “Pairvi” of cases of Sikh youth lodged in jails.

India    12-Jun-1990

Complete Bandh was observed in some cities and towns of Amritsar and Tarn Taran districts in protest against the killing of Bakshish Singh a Sona, the leader of BTFK June 9.

India    15-Jun-1990

Bhai Manjit Singh, speaking in a bhog ceremony of 11 militants in Amritsar, appealed to the Sikh masses to support militants and contribute maximum funds in the struggle to remove shackles of slavery.

India    17-Jun-1990

KCF directed SGPC to hand over the gold to Baba Thakur Singh which was returned to it by the government.

India    17-Jun-1990

Shammsher Singh, acting President of Akal Federation asked Ranjit Singh to reject his appointment as Akal Takhat Jathedar and added that militants would start providing security by charging INR 2 per head per month as tax.

India    20-Jun-1990

Bhai Manjit Singh, Sukhwant Singh Basarke and Bhai Mohkam Singh asked that if Lal Denga could be made Chief Minister of Mizoram why talks could not be held with militants.

India    21-Jun-1990

At a blog ceremony, Bhai Manjit Singh (AISSF) asked VP Singh to give complete sovereignty to Sikhs on the pattern of USSR.

India    21-Jun-1990

All three factions of Akali Dal (Badal-Longowal and Mann) boycotted the all-party meeting called by Governor of Punjab.

India    22-Jun-1990

AISSF (Mehta) started a 3-day Gurmat Training Camp in Gurudwara Bhibhaur Sahib, Nangal in Ropar.

India    26-Jun-1990

A group of terrorists raided an armoury located in Ferozepur, stealing a cache of weapons that included 20 .303 rifles, 3 SLRs, 5 Stenguns, 5 .7.62 rifles, and a wireless set.

India    01-Jul-1990

Colonel (Retd.) Partap Singh,while speaking about discrimination against Sikhs, demanded to grant the right of self-determination to the Sikhs.

India    01-Jul-1990

Kirpal Singh,Member of Parliament (MP), said that militancy was the outcome of Operation Blue Star and demanded the Government to hold talks with militants without preconditions.

India    01-Jul-1990

During a protest march in Faridkot district, SS Mann demanded referendum in Punjab and favoured talks with militants.

India    02-Jul-1990

SS Mann refused to ask militants to give up arms till security forces do the same.

India    03-Jul-1990

SS Mann, during a march in Faridkot district, threatened that all those Akali leaders will meet the fate of Longowal who tried to sign any accord with the Government. He also asked the Government to hold plebiscite under the aegis of UN forces.

India    04-Jul-1990

Addressing a public meeting at Moga, RS Mehta appealed for setting up Khalsa Panchayats.

India    09-Jul-1990

SS Mann, during protest march in Sangrur, declared that Sikhs would not support Indian Army in case of war with Pakistan.

India    10-Jul-1990

Former finance minister of Punjab Balwant Singh and his gunmen were killed by terrorists in Chandigarh. Later, New Panthic Committee claimed responsibility of the attack.

India    17-Jul-1990

In a 35-point questionnaire, Shamsher Singh of the Akal Federation requested Akali leaders to express their position on religious, Panthic, and other relevant issues, and to make room for the younger generation.

India    21-Jul-1990

P S Badal expressed his regret and apologized for any past mistakes, and conveyed his willingness to embrace Mann's leadership if it could result in achieving Panthic Unity.

India    22-Jul-1990

During a protest march in Bathinda, SS Mann stated that when they come into power, oppressive police officers like Rajinder Singh IPS and S S Saini IPS would be executed publicly, and dishonest officers would not be forgiven. Additionally, he stated that those who offer refuge to militants were on their friends.

India    23-Jul-1990

Two engineers of Sutlej-Yamuna Link (SYL) canal were shot dead at Chandigarh. Later, New Panthic Committee claimed responsibility of the attack.

India    24-Jul-1990

The President and General Secretary of AISSF (M), R S Mehta and A S Chawla respectively, proclaimed that they do not endorse the Indian Constitution and are therefore working towards the emancipation of a Sikh state. They also affirmed that while they would not participate in elections, they would support the Mann group. They further extended an offer of security to Hindus in exchange for their support of the Sikh movement.

India    25-Jul-1990

During a working committee meeting in Moga, SAD-M established a 3-member committee, consisting of R S Brahmpura, H S Rode, and Bhai Singh, to pursue the issue of Panthic Unity. However, Badal declined to accept unity that was conditional.

India    27-Jul-1990

Dr. Sohan Singh from the Panthic Committee made public a letter claiming to be written by Sukhdev Singh alias Sukha, and Harjinder Singh alias Jinda, which defended the assassination of General Vaidya and expounded upon the ideology of militancy. The letter was addressed to the President of India.

India    27-Jul-1990

A warning was issued by several militant groups, including SSF, AISSF (Bittoo), BTFK, KCF, and KLF, cautioning students of a specific community not to apply for admission in professional colleges.

India    02-Aug-1990

Rajdev Singh was appointed as the President of a recently established political party called SAD (Panthic), which was launched at Gurudwara Dukh Niwaran in Ludhiana.

India    02-Aug-1990

Rajdev Singh, MP (Member of Parliament) criticized SS Mann for working against the philosophy of Sant Bhindranwale.

India    09-Aug-1990

The superintendent engineer of sewerage board, GL Chhabra was killed in his office at Amritsar.

India    24-Aug-1990

Dr. Sohan Singh Panthic Committee and several other militant groups have issued a warning to judges, lawyers, and Captain Amarinder Singh, stating that they would face retaliation if the Punjab Assembly were to be reinstated.

India    28-Aug-1990

The Working Committee of SAD (M) decided to oppose the restoration of Punjab Assembly elections, except if they are conducted under the supervision of the United Nations (UN) and exclusively for the purpose of granting Sikhs the right to self-determination.

India    02-Sep-1990

Dr Sohan Singh Panthic Committee, and four other militant groups expressed their support for Dalits and cautioned those who oppose reservation policies.

India    04-Sep-1990

Gurtej Singh, ex-IAS and Sukhwinder Singh alias Sukhi were suspended from primary membership of the party for anti-party activities.

India    09-Sep-1990

The Akal Federation's Convenor declared that all militant groups have collectively agreed to appoint Major General (Retd) Narinder Singh as the new Jathedar of the Akal Takhat, replacing Bhai Ranjit Singh.

India    10-Sep-1990

Punjab and Haryana High Court (HC) dismissed writ petition seeking revival of Punjab Assembly.

India    21-Sep-1990

Central Government decided to start a special session of Parliament from October 1 to consider a constitutional amendment seeking extension of President’s Rule in Punjab.

India    22-Sep-1990

SS Mann urged the MPs (Members of Parliament) from Punjab to vigorously oppose the proposed constitutional amendment seeking to prolong President's Rule in the state.

India    26-Sep-1990

Dalip Singh, the Granthi of Gurudwara Baba Bir Singh in Tarn Taran was shot dead by militants.

India    02-Oct-1990

In an open letter addressed to MPs (Members of Parliament), SS Mann called for the exertion of both moral and constitutional pressure on the government to secure the right to self-determination for the people of Punjab. He contends that the imposition of continuous President's Rule has effectively reduced the state to a colony.

India    11-Oct-1990

SS Mann formed a 25-member Punjab Sangharsh Samiti to safeguard the rights of Punjabis, and the committee has additionally resolved to establish a tribunal to oversee cases of police excesses.

India    12-Oct-1990

SS Mann resigned as a Member of Parliament (MP) in protest against the extension of President’s Rule in Punjab.

India    15-Oct-1990

YAD (B) urged all factions of Akalis and AISSF to come together and devise a collective plan to serve as a protective shield for the militants.

India    16-Oct-1990

Four army jawans were killed and 15 others injured in a bomb explosion.

India    16-Oct-1990

The New Panthic Committee, a group of militants, cautioned against the resumption of work on the SYL canal and has further warned the government against any retrenchment.

India    16-Oct-1990

Eight suspected armed militants robbed a bus conductor and passengers, taking away INR 40,000 in cash and articles valued at INR 26,000 in Nalagarh in Himachal Pradesh.

India    28-Oct-1990

At the residence of Gurbir Singh Baku, a court was organized by the Punjab Sangharsh Morcha, where a two-member commission, consisting of Gurdarshan Singh Grewal, former Advocate General of Punjab, and Roshan Lal Batta, conducted an initial hearing regarding the case of three Sikh youth who were killed in a police encounter.

India    06-Nov-1990

In a press statement, the newly formed Panthic Committee of Dr. Sohan Singh has instructed all Government, semi-Government, District Corporation, and Boards to incorporate Punjabi in their official works within the next month.

India    08-Nov-1990

Rachhpal Singh Fauji and a 5-member Panthic Committee issued a warning that the personnel responsible for the water flow from Punjab to Rajasthan would face a similar fate as the chief engineer of SYL Canal, if the flow is not ceased.

India    11-Nov-1990

The appeal made by SAD (M) to observe November 11 as a black day to protest against the extension of President's Rule in Punjab was not well-received and had a poor response.

India    12-Nov-1990

Resignation of SS Mann accepted by the speaker Lok Sabha (Lower house of Parliament).

India    18-Nov-1990

HS Gill, during a protest, said that they wanted Sikh rule on the pattern of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

India    18-Nov-1990

According to SS Mann, the Sikh community is not allied with either Pakistan or Hindustan, but rather seeks a separate state.

India    21-Nov-1990

The Panthic Committee of Dr. Sohan Singh released a set of guidelines for journalists, editors, and press reporters, instructing them to avoid using the term "terrorists" and instead utilize words such as "militants," "bhai," "Sardar," "Singh," "Khalistan," and "Mujahidin." The committee also directed them to avoid publishing any distorted news about such individuals.

India    24-Nov-1990

The Panthic Committee (Zafarwal) rejected the notion of engaging in any discussions with the Government of India that do not involve the creation of Khalistan.

India    26-Nov-1990

SAD (M), Damdami Taksal and other militant groups called for a Punjab Bandh on November 27, while AISSF announced one for November 28, to protest against the detention of Akali leaders on the eve of a convention at Anandpur Sahib.

India    28-Nov-1990

Baldev Singh Sibia was unanimously elected as the President of SGPC for one year, and the SGPC executive was nominated to represent the three major factions of Akalis.

India    29-Nov-1990

The Panthic Committee of Manochahal has stated that they are willing to consider the Prime Minister's proposal for discussions on Punjab, provided that the talks take place in Geneva.

India    02-Dec-1990

Five militant groups released a notice to enforce the directives of the Panthic Committee (Sohan Singh) regarding the incorporation of Punjabi language in Government/Semi-Government departments, educational institutions, and universities by December 10. Failure to comply with the directive will result in the targeted elimination of department heads and their families by the militants.

India    05-Dec-1990

PS Badal urged the central government to hold direct discussions with the militants in order to resolve the issues in Punjab.

India    06-Dec-1990

Rajinder Kumar Talab, the director of AIR Chandigarh was shot dead at his residence at Chandigarh.

India    10-Dec-1990

Army was deployed along the Indo-Pak border in the border districts of the State.

India    14-Dec-1990

Militants mandated the attire of black trousers, white shirts, and kesri turbans for boys and black salwar, white shirts, and Kesari dupattas for girls in schools.

India    17-Dec-1990

The working committee of SAD (M) described the deployment of the army in Punjab as a threat to the Sikh community and cautioned the government that it could be perceived as the final and decisive confrontation between the Sikhs and Delhi.

India    21-Dec-1990

AISSF (Daljit) Ropar directed all Government/Private School to recite “Deh Shiva Bar Mohe” instead of National Anthem.

India    21-Dec-1990

IDP Punjab staged dharnas at various places in Punjab to protest against deployment of Army in Punjab.

India    25-Dec-1990

In a poster entitled "Mahan Shaheedi Conference," SSF Mehta urged for a collective endeavor to liberate the land of Khalistan from the Pro-Brahmanical Government at the Centre and the BJP Party.

India    25-Dec-1990

During a joint conference of AISSF (M) and SAD (M) in Fatehgarh Sahib, Amritpal Singh applauded the efforts of the Panthic Committee (Sohan Singh) to achieve Khalistan. The conference announced Amritsar and Anandpur Sahib as holy cities and called for a ban on BJP, Shiv Sena, and RSS from the territory of Khalistan.

India    26-Dec-1990

During a joint conference of SAD (M) Badal and Longwal in Fatehgarh Sahib, Patiala, Badal has commended the militants for enforcing Punjabi language in government work and for halting the construction of the SYL Canal.