Time Line

India    22-Jan-1999

An explosive device was planted at the park in Gobindgarh Bus Stand, located in Fatehgarh Sahib district.

India    12-Feb-1999

A bomb was recovered from the ventilator of a room at Laxmi Narain Ayurvedic College, located near Lohgarh Gate in Amritsar.

India    25-Feb-1999

A bag containing RDX material was discovered near the bridge connecting Rajpura and Ambala railway stations.

India    30-Mar-1999

An explosion occurred in close proximity to the post office and telephone exchange in Sirhind.

India    16-Apr-1999

There was a bomb blast at the lower parapet of the outer wall of the telephone exchange in Katra Sher Singh, Amritsar.

India    28-May-1999

A blast occurred between Rajpura and Shambu railway stations, resulting in the blowing up of a three-foot section of railway track.