Time Line

India    01-Jan-1989

AISSF is re-organised, Manjit Singh and Harminder Singh Sandhu retained as President and General Secretary respectively, Gurnam Singh Bundala appointed as Acting President, Gurnam Singh Buttar and Baldev Singh Hotian as Vice Presidents.

India    03-Jan-1989

The District Jathedar of SAD rejects the resignation of SS Barnala as party president.

India    05-Jan-1989

Darshan Singh Ragi and J.S Talwandi call seven days of protests against the execution of Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh and wear black turbans/dupattas. SAD(L), UAD (MANN), AISSF, Panthic Committee, PHRO, and Sikh lawyers Council also give similar calls.

India    06-Jan-1989

Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh, convicted for the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, executed in Tihar Jail in New Delhi.

India    09-Jan-1989

Charanjit Singh Walia, Sucha Singh Chottepur, Sant Ajit Singh, Gejja Singh, Gurtej Singh, and Atma Singh join Baba Joginder Singh group after breaking away from UAD (Mann).

India    13-Jan-1989

AISSF and Jasbir Singh Rode honoured the families of Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh by presenting Saropas, Gold Medals and cash.

India    13-Jan-1989

The AISSF (Bundala group) organized Panthic Dharam Samagam at the Maghi Mela Mukatsar. The former High priests and Baba Joginder Singh criticized the execution of Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh and presented gold medal and Rs. 51000/- each to widow of Kehar Singh and father of Satwant Singh

India    13-Jan-1989

AISSF and Jasbir Singh Rode honour the families of Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh by presenting Saropas, gold medals and cash.

India    13-Jan-1989

S.S Barnala appoints Tota Singh as Acting President to run the affairs of SAD (L) and forms three-member unity committee.

India    18-Jan-1989

Baba Joginder Singh and others hail Beant Singh and Satwant Singh as martyrs, and describe the wife of Satwant Singh as daughter of the Panth at the bhog and Akhand Path in Agwan village in Gurdaspur District organised in memory of Satwant Singh.

India    01-Feb-1989

Gurnam Singh Bundala threatens to kill Darshan Singh and his family unless he stops misusing the authority of the Akal Takht.

India    03-Feb-1989

Four of the five Panthic Committee members warn Gurbachan Singh Manochahal to refrain from creating differences/groupism in the Panth, militants and the AISSF, failing which action would be taken against him.

India    08-Feb-1989

Gurnam Singh Butter alleges that Bundala is a Government agent at the Shahidi conference organised by AISSF (Bittoo group) in memory of students killed in Nakodar firing.

India    01-Mar-1989

Balwant Singh, Prem Singh Chandumajra join hands with JS Talwandi to summon a convention of elected Panthic leaders on March 16.

India    03-Mar-1989

Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi announces a package for Punjab including the release of Jodhpur detenus, removal of restrictions on the visit of foreigners to Punjab and withdrawal of special powers under NSA etc.

India    06-Mar-1989

Ex-MLA Balwant Singh expelled from the SAD (L) by district Jathedar who confers all powers on SS Barnala.

India    06-Mar-1989

The ex-MLA, Balwant Singh was expelled from the SAD (L) by district Jathedar who conferred all powers on SS Barnala.

India    08-Mar-1989

Ex- MLA Sadhu Ram shot dead at Phagwara in Kapurthala district.

India    08-Mar-1989

Panthic committee appoints Wassan Singh Zaffarwal as ‘Chief’ of Khalistan Commando Force (KCF).

India    09-Mar-1989

Panthic committee appointed Wassan Singh Zaffarwal as ‘Chief’ of Khalistan Commando Force (KCF).

India    12-Mar-1989

Captain Amrinder Singh declares unity between the SAD (T), SAD (L) with UAS Mann with SS Mann as patron and JS Talwandi as President.

India    13-Mar-1989

The Mann (Walia group) and the SAD (L) rejected the unity formula propounded by Captain Amrinder Singh

India    17-Mar-1989

SGPC executive dismisses MS Calcutta from the post of Secretary.

India    20-Mar-1989

SS Barnala was re-elected as the President SAD (L) who delegated his power to Tota Singh to work as Acting President.

India    22-Mar-1989

MS Calcutta reinstated as SGPC Secretary, resignation of Harminder Singh Tarn Taran as acting president is accepted and Ujjagar Singh Rangretta appointed in his place.

India    23-Mar-1989

Baba Joginder Singh calls for a Punjab Bandh on April 8 in protest against the induction of SS Barnala.

India    29-Mar-1989

Balwinder Singh resigns from the membership of the Panthic Committee and supports unity between AISSF, KCF, KLF and BTFK.

India    30-Mar-1989

SGPC passes its annual budget, rejects the resignation of Tohra and authorizes him to appoint a committee to look into the management of Gurdwaras, particularly focusing on corruption.

India    05-Apr-1989

Khalistan Armed Force (KAF) was formed at Kotakpura to punish those indulging in looting and the traitors of Guru Ghar.

India    08-Apr-1989

Bandh Call given by the UAD (MANN) to protest against the implication of SS Mann and others in the Indira Gandhi murder case evoked mixed response.

India    12-Apr-1989

‘General’ of the KCF Sukhdev Singh Jhamke shot dead.

India    12-Apr-1989

Gurnam Singh butter was killed in encounter with Kapurthala Police in Kapurthala District.

India    13-Apr-1989

UAD (Mann) group gives an ultimatum to the Government to withdraw the conspiracy case against Mann by May 15, failing which they would launch an agitation.

India    13-Apr-1989

AISSF (Bundala) announces its decision to hold a Ghalughara (Massacre) week from June 6 to June 10, 1989.

India    13-Apr-1989

Sarbat Khalsa proceedings released in Amritsar on behalf of Manochacal Zaffarwal and Tejinder Singh Raipur, and the appointment of two members Jassa Singh and Inderjit Singh Rattangarh announced.

India    14-Apr-1989

Partial response to the bandh call by AISSF (Buttar) group against the killing of GS Buttar and Jhamke except in Tarn Taran and Majitha areas.

India    16-Apr-1989

Inderjit Singh Rattangarh, member Panthic Committee, shot dead by Kapurthala Police.

India    21-Apr-1989

SAD (T) forms a seven-member committee under PS Badal for lobbying against the case against SS Mann and others.

India    26-Apr-1989

SAD (L) district Jathedar decides to conduct dharnas at district headquarters from May 26 demanding the release of SS Mann.

India    30-Apr-1989

The protest called by the Punjab Human Rights Organization which was supported by SAD (L) and SAD (T) against the alleged harassment of women by the security forces evokes little response in the State.

India    01-May-1989

Panthic Committee removes GS Manochahal from the post of Jathedar Akal Takht and also replaces GS Manochahal and Wassan Singh Zaffarwal with Jasbir Singh Cheheru and Sukhwinder Singh Ladoo for misusing funds.

India    03-May-1989

Religious functions held at Gurudwara Tutigandhi to honour the families of Sikh military deserters. Saropas were also presented to Rani Jethmalani, Jaswant Singh Kanwal and others by Baba Thakur Singh.

India    03-May-1989

Former Congress MLA Satpal Prashar gunned down by Khalistani militants at Ludhiana in Punjab.

India    11-May-1989

Chief of KLO Kanwaljit Singh Waheguru, and two other leaders killed in an encounter.

India    15-May-1989

Panthic Committee led by GS Manochahal declares Baba Thankur Dass as acting Chief of Damdami Taksal.

India    15-May-1989

The self-styled Lt. General of the KCF, Lakhkwinder Singh Lakha shot dead.

India    17-May-1989

The new Panthic Committee, comprising Wadhawa Singh Babbar, Satinderpal Singh, Mehal Singh, Nirmal Singh, and Dr Sohan Singh, announces its decision to ban Hind Samachar group of newspapers including its printing, circulation and sale from May 22.

India    17-May-1989

Daljit Singh Bittu welcomes the decision of Panthic Committee and issues a press statement appealing Sikhs to boycott the Hind Samachar group of newspapers.

India    22-May-1989

The Panthic Committee led by GS Manochahal announces it will hold Sarbat Khalsa on October 25 (Diwali) at Akal Takht in which the new Chief of the Damdami Taksal would be appointed in place of Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale and also to analyse the militant’s role for the achievement of Khalistan.

India    25-May-1989

The demonstration called by the Youth Akali Dal (T) at Chandigarh is stalled due to administrative action.

India    26-May-1989

SAD (L) decides to conduct dharnas at district level.

India    02-Jun-1989

KCF leader Charanjit Singh Channi shot dead in an encounter with security forces.

India    05-Jun-1989

The AISSF opens its office near Gurudwara Sahib

India    07-Jun-1989

The AISSF Bundala organizes a Shahidi Samagam and declared its goal as ‘Halimi Raj’ (rule of the humble) under the political influence of the Akal Takht. It resolves the formation of Khalsa Panchayats, appeals to villagers to elect only Amritdhari Sikhs and recognises Baba Thakur Singh as the chief of Damdami Taksal. It also calls for a Punjab bandh on June 30 to protest against the alleged police excesses.

India    14-Jun-1989

The working committee appoints PS Badal as Chairman of the SAD (T) Parliamentary Board and forms the Sant Sipahi Forum to fight against government’s misconducts. It also supports the Punjab bandh of June 30 called by the AISSF.

India    21-Jun-1989

SAD (L) and UAD (Mann Baba group) join together and conduct a dharna at Ropar in front of DC office protesting against the alleged killing of Sikh youth in fake encounters.

India    21-Jun-1989

A new five-member committee formed after the District President of SAD (L), Ujaggar Singh Wadali and District President of UAD (Badal), Sukhdev Singh submit their resignation to Sant Ajit Singh.

India    22-Jun-1989

An Akali leader’s convention called by Joginder Singh Mann at Tanian fails to take any concrete steps for the unity of Akali Dals, and decides to set up a 13 members committee of all Akali Dal factions for this.

India    23-Jun-1989

Superintendents of Police (SP)-Operations, Tarn Taran killed in an encounter with militants.

India    25-Jun-1989

At least 21 persons killed in a Khalistani terrorist attack at Moga in Punjab.

India    30-Jun-1989

The Punjab Bandh called by the AISSF receives mixed response.

India    01-Jul-1989

UAD (Mann) constitutes a nine-member action committee with Joginder Singh Mann as convener.

India    01-Jul-1989

Amrit Shehbaz Singh elected as KLO chief in place of Kanwaljit Singh Waheguru who was killed in an encounter May 11.

India    06-Jul-1989

Akali Dal (T) working committee decides to get the party registered with the Election Commission without amending the party constitution.

India    13-Jul-1989

Ex-IAS and General Secretary of United Akali Dal (Mann Walia group) challenges the constitutional validity of the amendment of the representation of people act in the High Court.

India    17-Jul-1989

After resuming charge as party president, S S Barnala announces new working committee and advisor of the party.

India    22-Jul-1989

On the death anniversary of KLF ‘chief’ Avtar Singh Brahma, his brother receives a Saropa (dress of honour) from Giani Puran Singh.

India    22-Jul-1989

KLF, KCF and BKI present a gold medal to Hari Singh Nalwa.

India    29-Jul-1989

AISSF president, Bhai Manjit Singh released from Sangrur Jail.

India    31-Jul-1989

Bhai Manjit Singh, while paying obeisance in the Golden Temple, reiterates that their aim was the same as that of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

India    06-Aug-1989

SAD (T) working committee decides to apply for registration with Election Commission after amending 1978 version of party constitution.

India    17-Aug-1989

Bhai Manjit Singh disowns the Constitution and opposes the separation of religion from politics. He also pledges to continue the struggle launched by Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

India    18-Aug-1989

Ten persons were killed and 29 others injured as a bomb exploded in a PRTC bus at Chintpurni Bus Stand in Himachal Pradesh.

India    27-Aug-1989

Khalistani terrorists kill at least 10 passengers and injure 12 others of a Ganga Nagar Bathinda train at Gabarwala Railway Station under the Abohar police station in Punjab.

India    01-Sep-1989

Around 2500 Akali workers under the leadership of Prof. Darshan Singh stage a dharna in front of Batala Police Stations in protest against the police torture of two women.

India    01-Sep-1989

Bhai Manjit Singh demands Puran Azadi for Sikhs, and says he doesn’t believe in Indian Constitution as it was anti-Sikh.

India    07-Sep-1989

Chairman PHRO Ajit Singh Bains calls for gherao of Punjab Raj Bhawan on September 30, to protest against police excesses.

India    09-Sep-1989

A conference of AISSF (Manjit) at Bathinda endorses resolution adopted in Sarbat Khalsa on September 20, 1986 and hails the recognition of J.S Rode and other high priests as real Jathedars by Baba Thakur Singh.

India    12-Sep-1989

Three suspected Khalistani terrorists loot Rs. 1,02,397 from UCOO Bank at Barotiwala in Himachal Pradesh.

India    13-Sep-1989

Rajan Bains, the son of IPS officer Gobind Ram, shot dead and his companion seriously injured by two unidentified scooter-borne assailants near Burton Park, Jalandhar.

India    20-Sep-1989

The delegate session of AISSF at Gurudwara Ramsar Amritsar resolves to continue its struggle till the fulfilment of the goal fixed by Bhindranwale and Bhai Amrik Singh. It also decides to set up a committee to create a joint front with all the Khalistani militant organisations in and outside India.

India    05-Oct-1989

Five members of a family shot dead by Khalistani terrorists in Kandhwala in Fazilka District.

India    22-Oct-1989

In a Sikh intellectual’s council meeting, Justice Gurdev Singh Sher Singh Sher, Amar Singh Ambalvi, Colonel Partap Singh and Karnail Singh (Ex-Dy Director Animal Husbandry, Punjab) demand an autonomous region for Sikhs.

India    27-Oct-1989

A strike called by AISSF (M) to protest against award of death sentence to General A.S. Vaidya’s killers observed in various colleges in the State.

India    09-Nov-1989

A group of 5 to 6 Khalistani terrorists fired indiscriminately with their AK-47 and killed 19 college students from different states who came to take part in youth festival, while they were sleeping in the hostel at Thapar Engineering College in Patiala in Punjab.

India    23-Nov-1989

Two home guards shot dead and an independent candidate for Lok Sabha Seat injured as two scooter borne assailants fire at his residence in Sirhind.

India    23-Nov-1989

Two newspaper sellers shot dead by Khalistani terrorists in Sevian Cannel bridge in Faridkot.

India    25-Nov-1989

AISSF convener Daljit Singh appeals to Sikhs to boycott elections, and criticizes those who had boycotted 1985 elections but were contesting now under the same Indian Constitution.

India    26-Nov-1989

Lok Sabha elections declared, SAD (M) wins 6 seats.

India    30-Nov-1989

AISSF office secretary Avtar Singh Boparai says Manjit Singh had directed newly elected UAD (M) and three independent MPs supported by the party and AISSF not to take oath until the government – 1) Apologises for Operation Bluestar and the desecration of the Akal Takht. 2) Promises to Punish culprits of November 1984 riots. 3) Releases all army personnel lodged in Jails. 4) Removes Governor and DGP Punjab & register cases against them including Riberio for killing of Sikh Youth 4) Withdraws CRPF from Punjab.

India    30-Nov-1989

SS Mann released from detention.

India    02-Dec-1989

PS Badal and GS Tohra released from detention.

India    03-Dec-1989

SS Mann, in Amritsar says he will follow constitutional means to get his demands accepted.

India    04-Dec-1989

PS Badal visits Golden Temple complex and demands general amnesty for those lodged in jails, immediate recall of Punjab Governor of Punjab and a high-level enquiry into fake encounters.

India    04-Dec-1989

Bhai Manjit Singh warns the Government against revival of Punjab Assembly

India    04-Dec-1989

SS Mann, in Chandigarh, says the ‘Punjab problem’ cannot be solved without the withdrawal of CRPF, unconditional release of youth and punishment of police officers responsible for fake encounters.

India    04-Dec-1989

Released from jail, H.S. Sandhu declares that he will continue to fight for the creation of Khalistan, demands withdrawal of CRPF, and criticizes Indian Constitution saying it did not guarantee security for Sikhs.

India    04-Dec-1989

SS Mann says he would follow the path shown by Sant Bhindranwale.

India    05-Dec-1989

H.S. Sandhu in Amritsar declares he doesn’t believe in the Indian Constitution and endorses declaration of Khalistan. He demands a referendum for the creation of Khalistan. in this behalf. He also seeks Khalsa Panchayats at village level, says all major disputes would be settled at Sri Akal Takht Sahib and promises that AISSF would continue its struggle till creation of Khalistan.

India    06-Dec-1989

Addressing a function, Bibi Pritam Kaur, the wife of Rachhpal Singh, Ex-PA to Bhindranwale, urges the militants, the AISSF and S.S. Mann to work for achievement of Khalistan and to avenge killing of youth and molestation of women.

India    07-Dec-1989

Students observe a strike called by DPSU (CPML) and held rallies in various colleges demanding punishment of police officers for killing Sikh youth and the leaders responsible for November 84 riots.

India    10-Dec-1989

Dissensions crop up in SAD (M) meeting at Amritsar over appointment of Baba Joginder Singh as Patron and acceptance of Jasbir Singh Rode as Akal Takht Jathedar. J.S. Khudian, Bimal Kaur Khalsa and Dhian Singh Mand and others walkout of the meeting demanding their goal to be in accordance with wishes of Bhindranwale, and criticised the Anandpur Sahib Resolution as outdated.

India    10-Dec-1989

Punjab Unit of PHRO observes Human Right Day as protest day at Amritsar, where H.S. Sandhu clarifies that they are not extremists or separatists but wanted to establish their own “Raj” which might be called Khalistan.

India    13-Dec-1989

The president of AISSF, Bhai Manjit Singh, J.S. Rode, Jaswant Singh Zaffarwal, Sukhwant Singh Akanwali, Sucha Singh (MP) and others describe the victory of UAD (M) in elections as a beginning for the creation of Khalsa Raj and warn police officers against staging fake encounters.

India    17-Dec-1989

AISSF calls for a Punjab Bandh on January 1, 1990, demanding punishment for November 1984 riots and an end to fake police encounters.

India    19-Dec-1989

The chief organiser of AISSF, Rajinder Mehta released from Sangrur jail. Talking to newsmen, Mehta and Sandhu reiterate their goal is the creation of Khalistan for which they would never seek-foreign aid. Urging that power should be handed over to Sikhs in a peaceful manner to avoid an armed struggle, they also demanded the arrest of Rajiv Gandhi and his associates who were responsible for the killing of Sikhs in Delhi.

India    24-Dec-1989

PHRO decides to organize conferences in Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Kapurthala, Ludhiana, Ropar, Patiala and Faridkot districts to press the Central Government to initiate legal action against police officers who had killed Sikh youth, molested women and extorted huge sums of money.

India    25-Dec-1989

Dhanna Singh, one of the members of the five-member Panthic Committee, released from jail, reiterates that Khalistan was their main demand and they would continue their struggle for its creation.

India    26-Dec-1989

At AISSF conference, Manjit Singh Mohali, Joginder Singh Popi, Jagroop Singh (Daljit group) and Harminder Singh Gill, AISSF- Manjit declare that they want to create Khalistan or a separate State of Sikhs. Several resolutions - justifying the demand for Khalistan, expressing faith in armed struggle, declaring Harjinder Singh Jinda and Sukhdev Singh Sukha as “Live Martyrs”, warning those desirous of capturing power ignoring sacrifices of youths, describing Gurnam Singh Buttar as Shaheed, appealing to UN to recognize Punjab as Khalistan State, recognizing Manochahal as Jathedar Akal Takht and appealing to in charge of Kar Sewas to Give funds to militants - passed.

India    26-Dec-1989

SS Mann, at Fatehgarh Sahib, says that his goal was the same as fixed by Sant Bhindranwale. He calls upon people to prepare lists of civil and police officers who had committed atrocities against them so that they could be punished accordingly.

India    28-Dec-1989

Khalistani terrorists ambush an Army Convoy near Jethuwal village in Amritsar District and injure eight jawans. The driver of the Army team succumbs to his injuries later.

India    28-Dec-1989

Jagdev Singh Khudian, MP goes “missing” from his native village.