Time Line

India    05-Jan-1991

According to Major General (Retd) Narinder Singh, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib was the "Vidhana" or constitution of the Sikhs, and their struggle was focused on achieving independence and establishing Khalistan.

India    12-Jan-1991

During a joint meeting in Chandigarh, the three primary factions of the Akali Dal, namely SAD (B), SAD (L), and SAD (M), reached a unanimous decision to dissolve their respective groups.

India    13-Jan-1991

During the Maghi conference in Muktsar, P S Badal announced that his party had accomplished one Nishan, one constitution, and one President. In the same event, senior militant leaders from P.C (Sohan Singh) vowed to punish those who oppose the concept of Khalistan, with negotiations on the matter to be held at Sri Akal Takht or in Geneva. They also proclaimed their intention to boycott Hindu fundamentalists from Congress (I), RSS, BJP, and Shiv Sena in the Khalistan region. However, Gurbachan Singh Manochahal argued that the Sikhs' sixth Guru had granted them the right to self-determination, and hence there would be no dialogue on the issue.

India    28-Jan-1991

A group of 15 to 20 armed Khalistani terrorists, traveling in trucks, killed 11 Hindus in the vicinity of the Bus Stand Bhikowal, located under the jurisdiction of Hariana Police Station in Hoshiarpur.

India    02-Feb-1991

The Director General of Police (DGP), Punjab D.S Mangat was injured in an explosion that occurred near the Sherpur Bridge in Ludhiana City.

India    10-Feb-1991

During a seminar in Ludhiana, Gurcharan Singh, former chairman of the Punjab School Education Board, emphasized the importance of issuing an ultimatum to the government to recognize the Sikhs' right to self-determination. If this demand is not met, they would be forced to declare their independence.

India    22-Feb-1991

Through a press release issued in Amritsar, S S Mann dissolved both the SAD (B) and SAD (L) factions in the interest of promoting unity within the Akalis.

India    28-Feb-1991

P.C (Zaffarwal), Dashmesh Regiment (Baghel Singh), and SSF-Mehta issued a joint statement, urging the Government of India to withdraw its armed forces and state administration from the ‘land of Khalistan’ by Baisakhi 1991.

India    28-Feb-1991

Khalistan National Army released a message, cautioning residents of Abohar and Fazilka, as well as Balram Jakhar, against declaring Hindi as their mother tongue during the upcoming general census.

India    28-Feb-1991

P.C (Sohan Singh) and allied militant organizations proclaimed Punjabi as the official language of Khalistan, stating that they would prevent the completion of the SYL canal and prohibit any water from flowing out of Punjab.

India    28-Feb-1991

Kartar Singh Narang clarified that his party's goal was to establish a clean administration, rather than a "RAJ," and criticized the police department's practice of issuing fines to vehicles with Punjabi number plates.

India    22-Mar-1991

SS Mann emphasized the importance of a sovereign Sikh State and stated that for Sikhs, the decision to seek refuge in Pakistan in the face of genocidal threats was a matter of both freedom and survival. He further noted that Pakistan would offer refugee status to those who seeking shelter there.

India    22-Mar-1991

27 Hindu employees of Swaraj Mazda Foundry were killed and three others were injured in a militant attack in Ropar district.

India    25-Mar-1991

AISSF (M) recognised Gurbachan Sing Manochahal, who had earlier declared himself as Jathedar of Akal Takhat on June, 4, 1986.

India    13-Apr-1991

P.C (Monochahal) decided to extend political recognition to AISSF (Manjit Group).

India    14-Apr-1991

SS Mann announced his desire to contest the election with the goal of advocating for a sovereign and independent Sikh State.

India    14-Apr-1991

P.C (Sohan Singh) called for a boycott of the election.

India    14-Apr-1991

R.S. Mehta urged the creation of Khalsa Panchayats in villages as a preliminary step towards establishing a parallel government in Punjab within a year with the support of P.C. Zaffarwal.

India    18-Apr-1991

The Congress (I) announced its decision to boycott the elections in Punjab.

India    22-Apr-1991

The government issued a notification for the Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha elections to be held in Punjab on June 22.

India    22-Apr-1991

SSF (Mehta and Chawla) declared the decision to boycott the Punjab elections.

India    23-Apr-1991

PS Badal decided to revive his party with the intention of contesting elections independently.

India    24-Apr-1991

SAD (L) has chosen to resurrect its old Dal with Kabal Singh as acting President, and has distanced itself from SAD (M) in order to run in the elections independently.

India    24-Apr-1991

Babbar Akali Dal decided to boycott the elections, as they believe that holding elections would not provide a solution to the problems faced by Punjab.

India    27-Apr-1991

Malkiat Singh Sidhu, a former Minister and SAD (B) candidate for the Moga and Bagha Purana Vidhan Sabha constituencies, was killed by militants, resulting in the cancellation of the elections.

India    28-Apr-1991

Captain Amarinder Singh declared the creation of a new party named Akali Dal Panthic.

India    28-Apr-1991

Government successfully conducted civic polls for the Jalandhar, Ludhiana, and Amritsar Municipal Corporations.

India    02-May-1991

In a statement, Kanshi Ram of BSP announced conditional support to Akali Dals, on the condition that they pledge to address the issues faced by Punjab within the framework of the Indian Constitution.

India    03-May-1991

During a Shaheedi Samagam held in Amritsar, Major General (Retd) Narinder Singh, Vice President of PHRO, asserted that "Azadi" is an inherent right belonging to the Sikh community.

India    03-May-1991

A dissident faction of SAD (M), headed by Baba Joginder Singh Rode, formed a committee of five members to investigate the improprieties allegedly carried out by SS Mann in the allocation of party tickets.

India    08-May-1991

DIG (Border Range) S Ajit Singh IPS and five other police officers were killed in a 48-hour long encounter with Khalistani militants in Rataul village of Amritsar district.

India    09-May-1991

SS Mann issued a warning to Rajiv Gandhi in which he stated that if the elections in Punjab were delayed, subsequent elections in the state would be organized under the supervision of the United Nations (UN).

India    10-May-1991

The SAD (P) stated in its election manifesto that its main objective was to work towards achieving the "Glory of the Panth and Punjab".

India    10-May-1991

In a statement, the Five-Member Committee (rode) declined to acknowledge SS Mann as their leader and instead urged Baba Joginder Singh to assume control of the party.

India    11-May-1991

The President of SGPC, Baldev Singh Sibia, headed a delegation to Rataul village to investigate the police encounter and offered a compensation of INR 1 Lakh to the village Panchayat for the losses incurred during the incident.

India    15-May-1991

The creation of the Khalsa Raj Party was announced by Retired Colonel Partap Singh, with the goal of establishing a self-governing and sovereign Sikh homeland.

India    16-May-1991

In their election manifesto, SAD (B) called for increased autonomy for the state and proposed amending the Constitution to establish India as a federation of sovereign states.

India    21-May-1991

Seven persons, including a professor, a librarian and five AISSF (Bittu) students in the Punjabi University, Patiala were arrested for distributing sweets and chanting objectionable slogans following the death of Rajiv Gandhi.

India    23-May-1991

Starting his election campaign from Shri Darbar Sahib in Amritsar, SS Mann declared that his party, if elected, would establish friendly relations with Muslim nations and facilitate free trade by opening up the Indo-Pak border.

India    31-May-1991

An unidentified individual set fire to 17 Birs of the Holy Guru Granth Sahib in Kot Shamir village of Bathinda district.

India    03-Jun-1991

Panthic Committee (Sohan Singh) and its affiliated militant group terminated their association with Babbar Khalsa International (BKI).

India    07-Jun-1991

The Minister for State for Home Affairs, Shri Subodh Kant Sahai and the candidate who was contesting from the Ludhiana Lok Sabha constituency on behalf of the SJP, were narrowly escaped when militants attacked and bombed his motorcade near Gill village in Ludhiana district.

India    15-Jun-1991

The CPI, which had initially nominated candidates for the election but later chose to boycott it, reversed its decision due to pressure from the party's state unit.

India    15-Jun-1991

Khalistani Militants opened fire in two separate incidents at Baddowal village and Qila Raipur in Ludhiana district, killing 74 train passengers and injuring 46 others, with the majority of the victims being Hindus.

India    15-Jun-1991

G.S Tohra, who remained affiliated with SAD (B), declared that he would not participate in the upcoming elections since they did not provide a resolution to the issues facing Punjab, particularly those pertaining to the Sikh community.

India    17-Jun-1991

SAD (M) included the demand for the right to self-determination for the Sikh community in its election manifesto.

India    18-Jun-1991

AISSF (Manjit) stated in their election manifesto that they would continue their efforts towards establishing an independent and sovereign Sikh state.

India    21-Jun-1991

The elections in Punjab were rescheduled and postponed until September 25, 1991, for a duration of three months.

India    30-Jun-1991

Joginder Singh's group ousted SS Mann from his position as party president and appointed Baba Joginder Singh as his successor with unanimous consent.

India    01-Jul-1991

The working committee of SAD (M) denounced the postponement of the Punjab elections as a "betrayal and murder of democracy" and decided to seek the intervention of United Nations (UN) for the conduction of the elections. Additionally, they reaffirmed their pursuit of Azadi (freedom) for the Sikh community as their main objective.

India    03-Jul-1991

Four persons, including Balwant Singh, who was running as an independent candidate for the Verka constituency seat, were shot dead by militants in Gumtala, Amritsar.

India    10-Jul-1991

Panthic Committee (Sohan Singh) and its four affiliated groups announced that individuals who betray the Sikh community would not be permitted to utilize the sacrifices of Sikh "Shaheeds" to gain political power, and those who impede their continuing fight would not be forgiven. Mann was advised to only include Khalistan supporters in his political party.

India    14-Jul-1991

SAD (Rode) formally constituted its working committee and appointed additional party officials in Ludhiana. A working committee consisting of 31 members resolved to initiate an "Amrit Sanchar" movement throughout the state.

India    15-Jul-1991

A poster titled "Awaze Khalistan" threatened Governor General (Retd) O.P Malhotra and the Chief Minister of Haryana with liquidation. The poster accused the former of holding an anti-Punjabi language stance and the latter of making statements that were detrimental to the interests of Punjab.

India    15-Jul-1991

One KLF militant, identified as Swaran Singh alias Swarna was killed in an encounter with police in Kotla Barotiwala village in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh.

India    18-Jul-1991

SAD (M), in Chandigarh, denounced the purported killing of 10 pilgrims by the UP Police on July 13 and requested a judicial investigation by a judge of the Supreme Court (SC).

India    23-Jul-1991

A group of five individuals, led by P.S. Badal, met with the President of India and demanded that the police officials responsible for the Pilibhit killings be arrested and charged with murder.

India    25-Jul-1991

SAD (Rode) has announced the program of 'Amrit Sanchar' for 67 days, starting from August 1 to October 6, in District Bathinda. This will be followed by a 7-day Workers Training Camp aimed at imparting religious and political education to them.

India    31-Jul-1991

Charanjit Singh Walia and Sucha Singh Chhotepur, in a press statement in Chandigarh, alleged that Sikh pilgrims were killed in fake encounters. They demanded a CBI inquiry into the incident, compensation of INR 5 lakh to the families of the deceased, and called for the observance of August 15 as a 'Black Day'.

India    02-Aug-1991

SAD (Rode) workers staged dharnas at various district headquarters to protest against the alleged anti-Kisan Union Budget. They presented a memorandum to district authorities, demanding the registration of a murder case against policemen involved in the Pilibhit incident.

India    04-Aug-1991

A. S. Chawla of Sikh Students Federation (SSF), in Amritsar, announced that they will boycott the August 11 Anandpur Sahib meeting summoned by the SGPC President.

India    04-Aug-1991

In a meeting held in Amritsar, AISSF (Manjit) expanded its Executive and Central Committee by appointing Gursev Singh Harpalpur as Vice President and Lakhbir Singh Dhillon as General Secretary. Avtar Singh Jammu was replaced by J. S. Ghuman. The organization also appealed to militant organizations to refrain from frequently calling for Bandhs in Punjab.

India    04-Aug-1991

Four militant organizations, pledging allegiance to the Panthic Committee (Sohan Singh), issued a call for a complete Bandh in Punjab and Chandigarh on August 14 and 15.

India    05-Aug-1991

Daler Singh Buttar, convenor of the Sikh Students Federation (SSF), called for unity among Sikh militant organizations to achieve an independent "Khalistan". He expressed support for both democratic and armed struggle to attain this goal.

India    07-Aug-1991

SAD (B) organized a dharna in New Delhi to protest against the Pilibhit incident, the anti-Kisan Budget, and the proposed amendment of the People's Representation Act, which would disqualify militants from contesting elections.

India    08-Aug-1991

R.S. Mehta and A.S. Chawla requested J.S. Rode to relinquish his claim as Jathedar Akal Takht. They appealed to Taksal and other Sikh organizations to appoint a saintly and dignified individual as Jathedar Akal Takht.

India    11-Aug-1991

The conclave, summoned by Baldev Singh Sibia, President of SGPC, and attended by 28 Sikh organizations, has decided to launch a joint campaign against State Repression. A message from four militant organizations, who owe allegiance to the Panthic Committee (Sohan Singh), urged the conclave not to contest elections under the Constitution. They emphasized that only militants would engage in future talks with the Union Government, and the Sikh Panth would support the ongoing Sikh struggle for an independent and sovereign state of Khalistan. The meeting authorized Sibia to summon another meeting on September 1, 1991.

India    16-Aug-1991

SAD (M) and AISSF (M) decided to move together in future agitational programs. The Mann group has also decided to support the AISSF (M) program, which involves presenting a memorandum written in blood to the Speaker of Lok Sabha on August 19, 1991.

India    17-Aug-1991

Avtar Singh, an independent candidate for the Ferozepur Cantt Vidhan Sabha seat, was shot dead.

India    19-Aug-1991

AISSF (M) staged a dharna in New Delhi and presented a memorandum to the Speaker of Lok Sabha, demanding the annulment of all previous agreements on river waters and the dismantling of the state repressive machinery, among other things.

India    20-Aug-1991

The leadership of SAD (L) demanded internal autonomy for the states and the postponement of elections.

India    20-Aug-1991

J.F. Ribeiro, former DGP of Punjab and current Indian Ambassador in Romania, was injured in an attack by Khalistan militants.

India    25-Aug-1991

Bikkar Singh, an independent candidate from the Barnala Vidhan Sabha seat, was shot dead.

India    26-Aug-1991

Gurkirpal Singh of Sikh Youth Front (International) announced in Ludhiana the merger of their organization with AISSF (M).

India    29-Aug-1991

SS Saini, the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in Chandigarh, narrowly escaped an attempt on his life.

India    29-Aug-1991

The Babbar Sikh Students Jathebandi was formed by Virsa Singh Valtoha in Amritsar.

India    30-Aug-1991

Five individuals, including Pritam Singh, the BJP candidate for the Verka Vidhan Sabha seat, were shot dead in his house.

India    30-Aug-1991

SSF-Mehta announced its decision to boycott the proposed September 1 meeting.

India    31-Aug-1991

Gurjant Singh Rajasthani, the deputy chief of Khalistan Commando Force (KCF), was shot dead in Phase II, Mohali.

India    01-Sep-1991

Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) and four other militant organizations suggested the rejection of the Indian Constitution and emphasized the need for unity to achieve Khalistan.

India    01-Sep-1991

The conclave at Anandpur Sahib decided to boycott elections in Punjab until the stoppage of state repression and withdrawal of black laws. It strongly condemned the atrocities committed against Sikhs outside of Punjab, particularly in the Terai areas of Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, the conclave called for a bandh on September 7 to protest against the killing of KCF leader Rajasthani.

India    07-Sep-1991

Seven family members of Station House Officer (SHO) Dhariwal were shot dead in Majitha, Amritsar district.

India    11-Sep-1991

A 31-member Anti-Repression Action Committee, with Baldev Singh Sibia as President, was formed.

India    11-Sep-1991

Seven family members of H.C. Bahal Singh were shot dead in Ghurkwind village, Tarn Taran.

India    12-Sep-1991

A bill for the cancellation of election in Punjab was introduced in the Lok Sabha.

India    13-Sep-1991

The Mai Bhago Regiment, with Bibi Toofan Kaur as Chief General and Bibi Gargaj Kaur as Lieutenant General, was established in Amritsar.

India    17-Sep-1991

SAD (M) clarified that the Sikhs would not accept anything less than an independent and sovereign Sikh state.

India    19-Sep-1991

The Indian Parliament approved the bill for the extension of President's Rule in Punjab.

India    20-Sep-1991

The A.S. Padhri and K.S. Kahlon factions of AISSF dissolved in Jalandhar, and a new faction, AISSF (United), was formed under the Presidium of Amarjit Singh Padhri, Baldev Singh Hothian, Pirthi Singh Bathinda, Jassa Singh Gurdaspur, and Jaswinder Singh Qila Raipur.

India    22-Sep-1991

Nine districts of Punjab, namely Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Ferozepur, Bathinda, Patiala, Ludhiana, Sangrur, Ropar, and Faridkot, were declared as disturbed areas.

India    23-Sep-1991

Badal described the government's decision to disallow the September 24 rally at Ludhiana as unprecedented, uncivilized, and undemocratic.

India    24-Sep-1991

The Panthic Committee (Usmanwala), through a press release in Faridkot, asked Sibia to hand over the Kar Sewa of the Akal Takht to Taksal by October 31.

India    01-Oct-1991

SAD (M), in a statement, appealed to BBC and CNN to provide appropriate coverage to the people and states advocating for the suggestion made by Giani Zail Singh regarding the compulsory implementation of Hindi in all states.

India    01-Oct-1991

H.S. Gill, General Secretary of AISSF (M), clarified in a statement that the Sikhs would not be satisfied without the creation of a separate Sikh raj. He described the holding of open darbars by the government as a futile exercise.

India    02-Oct-1991

SS Mann, in a press conference, reiterated the demand for holding elections in Punjab under the supervision of the United Nations Organization (UNO).

India    03-Oct-1991

48 persons, including 26 relatives of policemen and 11 families, were killed in Punjab.

India    04-Oct-1991

Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar of BKI condemned the killings of policemen.

India    05-Oct-1991

A new outfit, Liberation Tigers of Khalistan, was set up with its headquarters at Anandpur Sahib.

India    07-Oct-1991

S S Mann clarified that their aim is an independent Sikh Raj.

India    07-Oct-1991

Eight security personnel of a patrol train on the Jalandhar-Amritsar route were killed in a bomb explosion and indiscriminate firing.

India    08-Oct-1991

Baba Joginder Singh of SAD (Rode) paid homage and offered condolences on the death of Jugraj Singh, who was killed during the attack on J.F. Ribeiro in Romania.

India    09-Oct-1991

The Romanian envoy, Mr. Raddu, was kidnapped by Sikh militants in New Delhi.

India    10-Oct-1991

M.S. Calcutta, the secretary of SGPC, resigned following differences with B.S. Sibia over police matters. H.S. Khalsa (Norway) was appointed as the new secretary of SGPC.

India    11-Oct-1991

SGPC executive approved the appointment of H.S. Khalsa, ex-IFS as secretary and accepted the resignation of M.S. Calcutta.

India    12-Oct-1991

B.S. Sibia, the convenor of JAC, announced the dissolution of the 31-member JAC of Sikh organizations against State Repression in the wake of the ultimatum given by the Panthic Committee (Sohan Singh).

India    13-Oct-1991

G.S. Tohra, S.S. Doomchheri, and Jasbir Singh Rode attended the bhog ceremony of Ajit Singh, the father of BTFK Chief Rachhpal Singh Chhandra, and condemned the alleged police excesses on Sikhs.

India    14-Oct-1991

The Akal Federation set up a new organization named 'Akal Khalsa Darbar' with Bhai Kanwar Singh as its convenor.

India    15-Oct-1991

In Amritsar, B.S. Sibia, the President of SGPC, appealed to Baba Thakur Singh of Damdami Taksal to review his decision to re-start the Kar Sewa of Sri Akal Takhat in order to avoid any controversy among Sikh organizations.

India    15-Oct-1991

Talwinder Singh Parmar, the Chief of BKI, and five others were killed in a police encounter.

India    17-Oct-1991

S.S. Mann disclosed that they wanted freedom and to live in an independent country. The aim of the militants was also the same. He also offered to send a jatha if Babri Masjid was demolished and reiterated that the achievement of 'Khalistan' was their goal.

India    21-Oct-1991

The militants belonging to KLF, AISSF-Bittu, and KCF-Z set ablaze 31 branches of banks in the districts of Ludhiana, Sangrur, Faridkot, and Jalandhar.

India    22-Oct-1991

SS Mann was arrested by the Uttar Pradesh (UP) police in Ghaziabad while proceeding towards Ayodhya to express solidarity with Muslims regarding the Babri Mosque.

India    26-Oct-1991

Seven persons including Dr. Bachittar Singh, the director of Health Services Punjab, were shot dead by KLF militants near Mehtiana village in Ludhiana district.

India    27-Oct-1991

Baldev Singh Hothian, a member of the presidium of AISSF-United, was shot dead in Chheharta, Amritsar. Reports suggest that it was a case of a gang war.

India    29-Oct-1991

The Kar Sewa of Sri Akal Takhat in Amritsar has been restarted.

India    31-Oct-1991

The Sant Sipahi Front performed the bhog at Dewan Hall Manji Sahib, Amritsar, in connection with the death anniversary of Late Beant Singh, the assassin of Indira Gandhi.

India    31-Oct-1991

SAD (Badal) declared not to participate in NIC meeting at Delhi.

India    02-Nov-1991

SS Mann was not allowed to enter the NIC meeting in New Delhi along with his Kirpan.

India    03-Nov-1991

AISSF (Manjit), in Jalandhar, organized a meeting of ex-servicemen, retired BSF, and CRPF personnel to solicit their support for the success of the ongoing Sikh struggle initiated by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

India    05-Nov-1991

SGPC President B.S. Sivia appealed to the Sikhs to unite and derive religious and political strength from Sri Darbar Sahib/Akal Takht in the establishment of Khalsa Raj.

India    06-Nov-1991

The Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) set up a nine-member committee and disbanded all zones.

India    11-Nov-1991

BKU President Ajmer Singh Lakhowal demanded a stop to police repression and the withdrawal of cases registered against Kissans. He also appealed to the Sarpanch (the head of a village) to tender their resignations.

India    13-Nov-1991

G.S. Tohra was elected as the President of SGPC for the 18th term, defeating the nominee of S.S. Mann with an overwhelming majority.

India    15-Nov-1991

Six persons were killed, and several people were injured, including Dr. Baldev Prakash, Vice President of the BJP, in a bomb explosion in Amritsar.

India    16-Nov-1991

SS Mann, along with SS Chotepur and BS Randhawa, was arrested in Jammu and later released near the Lakhanpur Barrier.

India    16-Nov-1991

PS Badal of SAD (Badal) condemned the government's decision to deploy the Army in Punjab.

India    17-Nov-1991

Army deployment has begun in Punjab.

India    20-Nov-1991

A new organization called Babbar Khalsa of Khalistan has been set up.

India    21-Nov-1991

The call for Punjab Bandh, given by Panthic Committee (Sohan Singh) in protest against the deployment of the army, failed to evoke any response.

India    21-Nov-1991

Eighteen persons of a marriage party were shot dead at Basarke village in Amritsar district.

India    23-Nov-1991

The State Level conference of CPM at Bathinda passed resolutions demanding the transfer of Chandigarh to Punjab, handing over the river water dispute to the Supreme Court, and punishment for the guilty persons involved in the November 1984 riots.

India    26-Nov-1991

SSF (Bittu Group) organized a strike in the colleges of Ludhiana to protest against the killing of student Balwinder Singh in an encounter with the police.

India    29-Nov-1991

Bhai Pritam Singh Bhinder was appointed as the chief of KCF, replacing the late Gurjant Singh Rajasthani.

India    02-Dec-1991

SS Mann demanded in Delhi that the United Nations (UN) and the five permanent members of the Security Council should stand as guarantors for the government's promise to hold elections in Punjab by February 15. He suggested that the government should hold talks with Zaffarwal, Dr. Sohan Singh, and Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) on the Khalistan issue.

India    05-Dec-1991

R.S Mehta and A.S Chawla of SSF (Mehta-Chawla) were detained under TADA in New Delhi.

India    10-Dec-1991

The call for Punjab bandh, given by PHRO (Gill) and supported by SGPC and SAD (Badal), to protest against Army deployment, failed to evoke much response.

India    11-Dec-1991

The Working Committee of YAD-Doomchheri rejected the Indian Constitution and announced that they will not contest elections.

India    12-Dec-1991

H.S. Gill (AISSF-M) said in the all-party meeting in New Delhi that they were ready to give up the demand for Khalistan if they had a better option.

India    14-Dec-1991

Sarabjit Singh Sohal and H.S. Gill of AISSF (M) stated in a press conference in Jalandhar that they stood firm on the demand for Khalistan unless the government could convince them otherwise.

India    14-Dec-1991

R. S. Mehta and A.S. Chawla of SSF were arrested in Amritsar for their alleged conspiracy in a bomb blast aimed at killing Dr. Baldev Parkash of BJP.

India    15-Dec-1991

The Shrimoni Panthic Committee, Akal Federation, and Khalistan Liberation Army (KLA) appointed Shamsher Singh as the new chief of KLA, replacing Kapoor Singh, in their meeting.

India    17-Dec-1991

At a Shaheedi Samagam in Morinda, Ropar, organized in memory of the sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, speakers demanded the withdrawal of the Army from Punjab and emphasized the need to hold talks exclusively with militants regarding Punjab. Pargat Singh Mavi, General Secretary of BKU-Lakhowal, expressed his opinion that Khalistan must emerge one day.

India    19-Dec-1991

Eleven persons were killed, and twenty-five were injured in a bomb explosion in front of Nirankari Bhawan in Ludhiana.

India    20-Dec-1991

SAD (L) and SAD (Panthic) merged with Jathedar Kabul Singh as President and Captain Amarinder Singh as Chairman of the Parliamentary Board of the new organization.

India    21-Dec-1991

The Babbar Khalsa Vidharathi Federation, in its documents distributed at Chamkaur Sahib, has decided to mobilize public opinion in favor of the creation of Khalsa Raj.

India    22-Dec-1991

While addressing a conference in Chamkaur Sahib, Ropar, SS Mann called upon Sikh policemen to quit their jobs in support of the cause of the Sikh quom, as he himself had done. He raised slogans such as "Hind Faujwapas Jao, Khalistan Banke Rahega, Tusi Ki Chaundey Ho-Azadi" and more.

India    23-Dec-1991

BKI, headed by Sukhdev Singh Babbar, declared a ceasefire against policemen up to the rank of Inspector and their family members for the next six months. They also admitted that the killing of their family members was a mistake.

United Kingdom    23-Dec-1991

An 11-member delegation of the Panthic Committee and Khalistan Council, led by Dr. Chauhan, met with former Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar in London. They offered to hold talks with someone who could resolve the Punjab issue. The delegation claimed to represent Dal Khalsa, Akali Dal, and Khalsa Lehar.

India    25-Dec-1991

The All-India Sikh Conference (Babbar) launched its "Awaken India March" from Shri Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar, with the aim of removing misunderstandings against Sikhs.

India    27-Dec-1991

While addressing the SGPC Dewan at Fatehgarh Sahib (Jor Mela), Tohra reiterated his call for a boycott of the elections. He demanded the withdrawal of the Army, urged the government to hold talks with militants, and assured militants of their cooperation.

India    30-Dec-1991

While addressing a conference at Gurdwara Alamgir in Ludhiana, K.S. Narang, A.S. Bains, and Iqbal Singh emphasized that their aim was the achievement of Khalistan.

India    31-Dec-1991

G. S. Tohra said in Ropar that the Centre should hold talks with the militants to solve the Punjab problem and offered his services to bring them to the negotiating table.