About Us

Khalistan Extremism Monitor (KEM) is a non-partisan research and documentation web portal which intends to be a one stop resource centre for research on the Khalistani separatist movement in Punjab. KEM will monitor day-to-day Khalistani activities around the world.

KEM has been set up under the aegis of the Institute for Conflict Management to play a key role in research and documentation of Khalistani extremism, to create a comprehensive database, produce qualitative analysis, and monitor the daily activities of Khalistan supporters and detractors, including hate speech and acts, as well as law-and-order issues created in Punjab and other parts of the world by Khalistani elements.

KEM will assemble an extensive database on Khalistani extremism and its support networks. It will establish a resource centre for the media, academics and governments concerned with trends and manifestations of Khalistani extremism.