Balwinder Singh

Name: Balwinder Singh

Aliases: Jhajj alias Baljit Singh alias Possi

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 02-May-1974

Place of Birth: Possi village, Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India

Citizenship: Indian

Current Residence: USA

Organizational Affiliations: Babbar Khalsa International (BKI),Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF)

Current Position: NA

Criminal Record/Court Cases/Charges: Raising funds for terrorist organization, Explosive Substances Act, manufacturing, selling or carrying illegal Arms, murder, carrying illegal firearms, Attempt to murder, mischief cause damage of property, fire or explosive substance with intent to destroy house.

Balwinder Singh

Balwinder Singh alias Jhajj born was born in Punjab and is a resident in US. He is wanted in India for masterminding the Jalandhar bomb blasts in April 2006 in which at least three people were killed. Balwinder Singh had claimed asylum in US and later obtained a permanent residence card. He sent money to BKI and KZF militants based in India to purchase weapons. In May 2012, he also provided instructions to an unidentified individual on making Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). He has also travelled to Pakistan and India to plan and coordinate attacks in India. He had used false identity and documents to travel to India.

Between September and December 2013, he had conspired to execute attacks in India and in November he had purchased two sets of night vision goggles to be supplied to militants. Moreover, he and his co-conspirators had agreed to travel to India in October 2013 to carryout an assassination or maiming of an unidentified Indian Government official.