Council of Khalistan

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Activity Dateline

Incident Date Incident Civilian Killed Military Killed Security Force Killed Civilian Injured Military Injured Security Force Injured Civilian Abducted Military Abducted Security Force Abducted
25-May-1988 Tarsem Singh of BKI claims crores of rupees sent by the ISYF World Sikh Organization and Council of Khalistan to Manochahal and Labh Singh to distribute among the families of killed youth and the November 1984 riots victims was used by them to purchase property in UP.
07-Oct-1987 In a press statement, Nirvair Singh of Panthic Committee announced the formation of a new Council of Khalistan. The organization is comprised of 11 members including Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh as its President, Rajinder Singh Sekhon, Tejinder Singh Babbar, Tejpal Singh Dhami, Harinder Singh, Shamsher Singh of Akal Federation, Satnam Singh of Dal Khalsa, Gurnam Singh Bundala, Wadhawa Singh Babbar, Resham Singh, and Satkar Singh.
02-May-1982 National Council of Khalistan and Dal Khalsa banned by the Central Government.
05-Dec-1980 In a meeting held at Guru Nanak Niwas in Amritsar, Balbir Singh Sandhu decides to organize route marches and intensify the propaganda for the creation of Khalistan. A 151-member Khalistan Council (100 from Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab and 51 from foreign countries), headed by Jagjit Singh Chouhan is also announced.
04-Dec-1980 The Council of Khalistan opens an office in Toronto , Canada. It claims to have membership of around 1700 people in Canada and 400 in West Germany. Surjan Singh Gill named the in-charge of the Vancouver branch (headquarters of Council of Khalistan). Propaganda pamphlets, Khalistan Dollar currency, postage stamps, and passports circulated.
16-Jul-1980 Balbir Singh Sandhu, announces the formation of Khalistan government at Akal Takht, Amritsar, and asks government officials to prepare for duty on the basis of Gurbani concepts. He also declares the formation of Khalsa panchayat and Khalistan brigades in all villages and the issue of Khalistan passports. Republic Day, January 26, 1981 would be observed as “black day,”he adds..
16-Jun-1980 Balbir Singh Sandhu, self-styled Secretary General of Council of Khalistan, appoints Jagjit Singh Chouhan as the President of Khalistan, and appeals to foreign governments to recognise Khalistan..
12-Apr-1980 Jagjit Singh Chouhan announces his election as the President of Council of Khalistan.