Indian flag pulled down by pro-Khalistan protesters at London mission

Indian flag pulled down by pro-Khalistan protesters at London mission

The tricolour flying atop the Indian High Commission in London was grabbed at by a group of protesters waving separatist Khalistani flags and chanting pro-Khalistani slogans on Sunday, leading to an arrest related to the violent disorder.

Officials from the mission said the "attempted but failed" attack had been foiled and that the tricolour was now flying "grander".

Scotland Yard said it was called to reports of disorder on Sunday afternoon and that a man has been arrested as its enquiries continue.

'There was no report of any injury, however windows were broken at the High Commission building,' the Metropolitan Police statement said.

'Officers attended the location. The majority of those present had dispersed prior to the arrival of police. An investigation was launched, and one male was arrested nearby a short time later on suspicion of violent disorder. Enquiries continue,' the statement said.

India has meanwhile registered its strong protest with the British government over the safety of its diplomatic mission and questioned the lack of sufficient security at the premises.

Images of shattered windows and men climbing the India House building were circulating on social media and videos from the scene show an Indian official grabbing the flag from a protester through the first-floor window of the mission, while the protester is seen hanging off its ledge and waving a Khalistan flag before it is taken away.

The MEA said the senior-most UK diplomat in New Delhi was summoned late evening on Sunday to convey India's 'strong protest' at the actions taken by separatist and extremist elements against the Indian High Commission in London.

'An explanation was demanded for the complete absence of the British security that allowed these elements to enter the High Commission premises. She was reminded in this regard of the basic obligations of the UK Government under the Vienna Convention,' the MEA statement said.

'India finds unacceptable the indifference of the UK government to the security of Indian diplomatic premises and personnel in the UK. It is expected that the UK Government would take immediate steps to identify, arrest and prosecute each one of those involved in today's incident, and put in place stringent measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents,' it said.

The banned terrorist organisation, Sikhs For Justice, is conducting a so-called "Referendum 2020" amid a crackdown on pro-Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh in Punjab.


Amritpal Singh on the run, manhunt launched to nab him: Punjab Police

Amritpal Singh on the run, manhunt launched to nab him: Punjab Police

A total of 78 persons have been arrested and several detained so far in connection with the crackdown launched against the chief of suspected pro-Khalistan outfit ‘Waris Punjab De’, Amritpal Singh and his aides, Punjab Police said on Saturday, adding that the Khalistan sympathiser is still on the run.

“Punjab Police on Saturday launched a massive state-wide Cordon And Search Operations (CASO) in the state against elements of Waris Punjab De (WPD) against whom several criminal cases stand registered,” police said, adding that in the operation a total of 78 persons have been arrested so far, while, several others have been detained for questioning.

Divulging more details, the official spokesperson of Punjab Police said that on Saturday afternoon, several activities of Waris Punjab De were intercepted by the Police at the Shahkot-Malsian Road in Jalandhar district and seven persons were arrested on the spot.

“Several others including Amritpal Singh are on the run and a massive manhunt has been launched to nab them,” he added.

During the state-wide operation, nine weapons, including one .315 bore rifle, seven rifles of 12 bore, one revolver and 373 live cartridges of different calibres have been recovered so far.

The Spokesperson informed that WPD elements are involved in four criminal cases relating to spreading disharmony among classes, attempting to murder, attacking police persons and creating obstructions in the lawful discharge of duties of public servants.

“Case FIR No. 39 dated February 24, 2023, stands registered against WPD elements for the attack on Ajnala Police Station,” he added.

He said that all persons involved in criminal offences shall be dealt with in accordance with the law and all persons wanted by the police should offer themselves to the process of law. Their constitutional rights of legal defence shall be protected, he added.

Meanwhile, the police requested all the citizens not to pay heed to fake news and rumours.

“Situation in the state is completely stable. All persons indulging in mischievous activities for disturbing peace and harmony in the state shall be dealt with strictly,” the police said.

Earlier in the day, mobile Internet services were also suspended in several districts of Punjab until 12 noon on Sunday.

The police action came almost over three weeks after Amritpal’s supporters clashed with police personnel at the Ajnala police station on the outskirts of Amritsar last month, demanding the release of one of Amritpal’s close aides, Lovepreet Toofan.

On February 23, thousands of his supporters, stormed the Ajnala police station, flashing swords and high-calibre firearms, threatening the police with dire consequences if they did not release Lovepreet Toofan, who was arrested for allegedly assaulting and abducting a man.

The supporters, brandishing swords and guns broke through police barricades erected outside the Ajnala police station.

The police later said “in the light of the evidence presented”, it has been decided that Lovepreet Singh Toofan will be discharged.

Lovepreet Singh was released from jail on February 24 following orders of a court in Ajnala on an application by the police.

Reacting to the incident, chief minister Bhagwant Mann said that these “1000 people” don’t represent Punjab, and alleged that they are “funded by Pakistan” to disrupt peace in the state.



'Khalistan Referendum' is ISI conspiracy, nothing to Sikhs in India, says former pro-Khalistan leader

'Khalistan Referendum' is ISI conspiracy, nothing to Sikhs in India, says former pro-Khalistan leader

Terming attempts at Khalistan referendum in a few Western countries by an outfit banned by India as "pakhand" and a handiwork of Pakistan's ISI, Dal Khalsa founder Jaswant Singh Thekedar has said that it is an attempt to mislead people and has nothing to do with Sikhs in India.

In an interview with ANI, Thekedar, who is UK-based Sikh separatist leader, also said Pakistan is the real enemy of Khalistan and "some Sikhs are working as tools" in hands of Pakistan government.

He said people of Punjab are not demanding any referendum.

"The referendum you are talking about, those in Punjab do not demand it. It's an organisation 2020, they talk of referendum on the instructions of ISI. Referendum does not mean... if Indian passport holders or Indian citizens want it then it is understandable, but it is not that Canadian, American or British people vote. They do not have any right," he said answering queries.

"It is 'pakhand' (sham) to mislead people. People are understanding it a source of income for them," he added.

Asked about reports last year of Khalistani slogans painted on walls of Indian Consulate in San Francisco in the United States last year, he said such an act had never been done.

"It is not right (to write Khalistan Zindabad) on the consulate building. It was never done in the past, during the movement in the past 40 years. As I said, there is an ISI role in it. They are misleading them, hiring people and getting this done. There is no hand of Sikhs in this," he said. 

On Wednesday the Indian consulate in Brisbane in Australia was forced to close down due to safety concerns following unauthorised gathering by Khalistani supporters.

Ministry of External Affairs said on Thursday that India's Honorary Consulate in Brisbane was "halted for little while" and the matter had been taken up with Australian authorities and the teams of two countries are in touch.

Asked about to 'Warris Punjab De' chief Amritpal Singh, whose supporters had last month stormed Ajnala Police station in Amritsar seeking release of his associate, Thakedar said Amritpal Singh does not know about Sikh history and he will not succeed.

"He (Amritpal Singh) himself, when he was in Dubai, was clean-shaven. He was not a (traditional) Sikh. He does not know anything about Sikh history. I must add that several Amritpal like him will come because those who are used by ISI, they are not used for lifetime. When they feel that a person is no longer of use, they keep other people in line. They pick others then," he said.

"Amritpal is not a Khalistani, he knows nothing about it. But this is for sure, he has earned a lot on the name of Khalistan. I don't think he will succeed further," Thekedar added.

He said Pakistan government now thinks that they do not need to fight with India. "Some Sikhs are working as tools in their hands. They think they do not need to get into war in which thousands will die (on their side). They now use and feed people, and disturb the Indian government."

Thekedar said every issue has a political solution.

"Those who were previously pro-Khalistan, their committee should be constituted by the Indian government. If solutions like these are found, the Khalistan movement will end."

He also slammed the Aam Aadmi Party government in Punjab over the law and order situation in the state.

"The Punjab government is not capable of dealing with this. There is no face in it which can handle this. I feel they, by not taking right actions, are giving a boost to this movement," Thekedar said.

He also said that Pakistan is enemy of Khalistan and it wants to foment trouble.

"Pakistan knows that if a country of Sikhs comes into being, they will next come to Lahore only. They will come to Nankana Sahib and Panja Sahib. They themselves won't let this happen. Pakistan is the real enemy of Khalistan," Thekedar said.

He said Pakistan has never given political asylum to any Sikh, because it does not want them to get any status.

"The Khalistanis know that Pakistan wants us to get killed and use us. They know it internally," he added.

Answering a query, he said that "movement" has almost ended in United Kingdom.

He said Indian government should fulfil demands such as release of Sikh political prisoners as it will create goodwill and check those who want separatism to rise. (ANI)



Khalistan supporters wreak havoc in Australia, force shutdown of Indian Consulate in Brisbane

Khalistan supporters wreak havoc in Australia, force shutdown of Indian Consulate in Brisbane

Australian government was left stunned with the recent demonstration by Khalistan supporters, which urged them to close down the Honorary Consulate of India in Brisbane.

The Honorary Consulate of India in Brisbane was forced to close down on Wednesday due to safety concerns after Khalistan supporters organised an unauthorised gathering and blocked the entry of the office, days after Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese assured India that his government will not tolerate "extreme actions."

The incident is the latest in a series of radical activities against the Indian community in Australia.

It comes days after Australian Prime Minister Albanese assured his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi that Australia won't tolerate any extreme actions like attacks on religious places.

The Honorary Consulate located on Swann Road in the Taringa suburb of Brisbane was forced to close down after Khalistan supporters blockaded the entry.

Queensland Police says it was an unauthorised gathering, however, they were allowed to enter the consulate property and block anyone from entering it, according to The Australia Today portal.

Parvinder Singh, a resident of regional Queensland, said he took leave from his work to attend an appointment at Indian Consulate, in Brisbane. However, Singh is left with no choice but to go back and reschedule his appointment to get his young child's Overseas Citizen of Indian card issues sorted.

“These thugs should not be allowed to dictate how we live our life in Australia," Singh said.

“They are threatening us when we visit Gurughar (Gurudwara) now these Khalistan supporters are entering into our daily life for worse.”

“Queensland government and police need to deal with the full force of the law as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said a few days back,” Singh added.

"Australia won't tolerate any extreme actions and attacks that took place in religious buildings, and there is no place for such action against Hindu temples," Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said while addressing a press conference in New Delhi on March 11.



Khalistan link: Two arrested in MP for threatening to storm Modi stadium

Khalistan link: Two arrested in MP for threatening to storm Modi stadium

Two men have been arrested by Gujarat police from eastern Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa district, in connection with a bulk video and voice message, allegedly released by a pro-Khalistan group threatening to storm the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad ahead of the ongoing India-Australia cricket test match.

According to a Gujarat police official, the Ahmedabad police’s cybercrime cell traced the message’s origin to a call spoofing facility set up in MP’s Rewa district. Based on a subsequent probe, the Gujarat cops arrested two people from the Rewa district of Vindhya region on Sunday. 

Prior to the India-Australia cricket match, which was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese, a mass message urging people to stay safe at home was sent out. The message warned that a pro-Khalistan group planned to storm the cricket stadium and raise its flag. According to authorities, the message, which supposedly came from Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, the leader of US headquartered-terrorist group “Sikhs for Justice,” threatened to sabotage the cricket match.

Meanwhile, reports from Bhopal said two alleged extremist religious preachers, who’ve reportedly been involved of late in instigating people against democracy, were picked up for questioning by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) sleuths from Seoni district of southeastern Madhya Pradesh on Saturday.  An NIA team accompanied by an MP police raided the residential premises of three men, including Abdul Aziz, Shoaib Khan and Akram.

Two of these men, Abdul Aziz (around 40) and Shoaib Khan (around 26) were detained by the NIA and taken for further questioning in connection with NIA’s regular case (46/2022) pertaining to experimental bomb blast and burning of the national flag by three ISIS operatives in Shivmogga in November last year.

Mass message on safety was sent out
Prior to the India-Australia cricket match, a mass message urging people to stay safe at home was sent out. The message warned that a pro-Khalistan group planned to storm the cricket stadium and raise its flag.



SFJ Puts Up Pro Khalistan Posters Outside Venue Ahead Of G-20 Summit In Amritsar

SFJ Puts Up Pro Khalistan Posters Outside Venue Ahead Of G-20 Summit In Amritsar

Ahead of the G20 summit in Punjab, Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), a secessionist pro-Khalistan organisation, brandished Khalistani posters at Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar. The posters dangling from the walls of the Guru Nanak Dev University mentioned that "Punjab is not India; Khalistan Zindabad." 

Reportedly, SFJ has called for ‘Rail Roko' (impeding trains) all across the state on March 15 and 16 in an attempt to disrupt the sessions of the G20 summit 2023, which is scheduled to take place in Amritsar. 

Earlier on March 6, SFJ Chief Gurpatwant Pannu released a video addressing the G20 representatives in which he claimed that Punjab is not a part of India. He further announced that the railway services in multiple locations will remain shut. 

He said, "This message is for the G20 foreign ministers. Punjab is not India. SFJ will storm and target the New Delhi Airport with Khalistan flags," and further stated, "Now is the time that you (G20 foreign ministers) support the Khalistan referendum. You support the Sikhs' rights to self-determination, and you do not recognise India’s territorial integrity because India is not a country but a union of states with a condition. If people do not want to stay with that union, they have the right to vote. " 

In Punjab's Bagha Purana city on February 27, the radical group SFJ, painted pro-Khalistan graffiti, "Punjab is not a part of India," outside the Sub Divisional Magistrate's office. 



Hindu Temple Targeted In Australia Again; Khalistan Threat To Perth's Swaminarayan Mandir

Hindu Temple Targeted In Australia Again; Khalistan Threat To Perth's Swaminarayan Mandir

Amid a series of high-profile hate-attacks and defacements of Hindu temples in Australia, it has now come to light that the Swaminarayan Temple in Perth has received a threat call from Khalistan supporters. 

This development came as Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese flew from Perth to India for a state visit. As per inputs, the Khalistan supporters shared an audio message in which he can be heard threatening the president of the Shree Swaminarayan Temple. 

Australia: Shree Swaminarayan Temple in Perth threatened

While speaking with The Australia Today, the President of Temple, Vinodbhai Hirani, said he received a call from an American number, and the man who was on the call said himself to be "Gurupdesh Singh," who warned Hindus to support Khalistan or face dire consequences. Hirani told the Australian media that they are deciding with the management committee on how to further protect the temple from such attacks. 

This incident comes after the Shree Laxmi Narayan Mandir (temple) in Brisbane's Burbank suburb was attacked by a group of Khalistani supporters. Notably, Saturday's attacks were the fifth attempt at vandalism after various attempts earlier in January and February. The Police's help has been sought in Western Australia. "Temple priest and devotees called this morning and notified me about the vandalism on the boundary wall of our temple," Temple president Satinder Shukla was quoted as saying by The Australia Today website. 

Australian PM Anthony Albanese to visit India on 4-day tour

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is set to visit India on his four-day official state tour scheduled from March 8 to March 11. Notably, this is the first visit by an Australian Prime Minister in six years and comes on at the time of the Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA), which entered into force in December. The Australian Prime Minister will be accompanied by Australia's Minister for Trade and Tourism, Senator Don Farell, and Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Madeleine King, along with other senior officials. The highlight of his visit will be attending the 4th and pivotal India-Australia test match in Ahmedabad with PM Modi.



Anti Terrorist Front India terms Amritpal Singh as 'terrorist', burns his effigy at Shambhu Border

Anti Terrorist Front India terms Amritpal Singh as 'terrorist', burns his effigy at Shambhu Border

Anti Terrorist Front India (ATFI) held a protest against Waris Punjab De (WPD) head Amritpal Singh and burnt his effigy at Devi Nagar toll plaza on Shambhu Border of Punjab and Haryana in Ambala on Sunday.

ATFI national president Viresh Shandilya, accompanied by a group of his supporters led protest against WPD head Amritpal Singh, a pro-Khalistan radical Sikh, while terming him as ‘terrorist’ and ‘anti-national’. The protestors held national flag in their hands besides the placards with slogans like, ‘Amit Shah Ji, take 370 like decision in Punjab’, ‘Punjab should be handed over to Indian Army’, ‘Amit Shah Ji bring President Rule in Punjab’, ‘Union Government should order to shoot Khalistanis’, ‘Khalistan Murdabad’, and others.

In the invite given to press by ATFI media secretary, to cover the protest spot at Shambhu Border, Amritpal Singh was termed as ‘terrorist’. “At 3 pm at Shambhu Border, ATFI national president Viresh Shandilya will burn the effigy of terrorist Amritpal Singh, who is spoiling the environment of Punjab”, read the message by ATFI.

Shandilya claimed, “Amritpal Singh has funding and backing from Pakistan’s ISI, SFJ’s Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, and Babbar Khalsa." "Union home minister Amit Shah Ji should finish Amritpal Singh from Punjab and country like he did 370 from Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Mad dogs like Amritpal deserves only bullet", said Shandilya.

Shandilya said if by March 7, Punjab Government fialed to book Amritpal Singh in Ajnala incident, he would move high court. “Amritpal Singh should have been shot at that time (on the day of Ajnala incident)….Only PM Narendra Modi and HM Amit Shah can resolve this problem i.e. anti-national Amritpal Singh”, said Shandilya.

When contacted, reacting to protest by ATFI and terming Amritpal Singh as ‘terrorist’, WPD legal secretary Advocate Iman Singh Khara said, “He (Shandilya) should immediately apologize else we would initiate defamation, criminal and civil proceedings against him. Only Union’s home ministry has the right to declare anybody terrorist under the provisions of UAPA. He (Shandilya) is nobody to term Bhai Amritpal Singh a terrorist.”

To a query about, ATFI asking to bring Punjab under President rule and taking action like abrogation of 370 from J&K, WPD’s advocate Khara said, “Punjab has no special status and it is a normal state from which even Haryana and Himachal Pradesh were carved out. Any such step will be against the Constitution, as there is Union of States as per Article 1. If states are to be abolished and Union Territories are to be established, what is the benefit of Constitution? Such a step would be illegal by Union Government.”

About Shandilya’s statement that Khalistanis should be shot, Khara said, “Article 21 of the Constitution says that no person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to the procedure established by law. Nowhere it is written that Khalistanis should be shot and this would be against the Constitution. Person (Shandilya) who is giving such statements is working at somebody’s behest with a motive to disturb environment of country and Punjab.”

Khara added that there are judgments of Supreme Court that raising pro-Khalistan slogans is not illegal. Khara also demanded that Haryana government should take action against him (Shandilya) who is making efforts to disturb peace and making such “terror-filled statements”.



Pro-Khalistan supporters vandalise Laxmi Narayan temple in Australia

Pro-Khalistan supporters vandalise Laxmi Narayan temple in Australia

In yet another attack on Hindu Temple in Australia, Shree Laxmi Narayan Temple in Brisbane on Saturday was vandalised by pro-Khalistan supporters.

Temple president Satinder Shukla while speaking to The Australia Today said, "Temple priest and devotees called this morning and notified me about the vandalism on the boundary wall of our temple." Sarah Gates, who is the Director of Hindu Human Rights said, "This latest hate crime is a pattern of Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) globally, clearly attempting to terrorise Australian Hindus. Coupled with a barrage of propaganda, illegal signs, and cyberbullying, the organisation intends to present all-pervasive threats, fear, and intimidation," to The Australia Today.

In January, Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple in Australia's Carrum Downs was vandalised with anti-Hindu graffiti.

The act came to notice on January 16 after temple devotees came for 'darshan' amid the three-day long "Thai Pongal" festival, which was celebrated by Australia's Tamil Hindu community, The Australia Today reported. On the evening of January 15, 2023, Khalistan supporters tried to draw support for their referendum through a car rally in Melbourne. However, they failed miserably as less than two hundred people gathered out of an almost 60,000-strong Melbourne community, according to The Australia Today.

A week before the above incident, On January 12, the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in Australia's Mill Park was smeared with anti-India and anti-Hindu graffiti. The temple was vandalised by anti-India elements with anti-India slogans written on the temple's walls, located in the suburb of Mill Park, The Australia Today reported. Patel, an onlooker shared how he witnessed the vandalised walls of the temple when he visited the site.

The management of Melbourne's International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) temple also known as the Hare Krishna Temple found the temple walls vandalised with anti-India graffiti.

The attack on ISKCON Temple came two days after Victorian multifaith leaders held an emergency meeting with Victorian Multicultural Commission, per the news report. The Victorian Multicultural Commission had issued a statement condemning the vandalism of Hindu temples in Mill Park and Carrum Downes.

Later, India had condemned the vandalisation of Hindu temples in Australia and said that the matter has been raised with the Australian government in Canberra and asked for expeditious investigation against the perpetrators.

Arindam Bagchi, Spokesperson, Ministry of External Affairs had assured, "Our Consulate General in Australia has taken the matter with the local police. We have requested expeditious investigation action against the perpetrators and of course measures to prevent such incidents in future. The matter has also been taken up with the Australian Government, both in Canberra and New Delhi. And we are looking forward to the action that we have requested."



Khalistanis paint anti-India graffiti on govt office, will 'target' Delhi Airport during G20 FM meet

Khalistanis paint anti-India graffiti on govt office, will 'target' Delhi Airport during G20 FM meet

Banned pro-Khalistan group, Sikhs for Justice, or SFJ, has threatened to “storm and target” New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport with Khalistan flags during the upcoming G20 Foreign Ministers Summit in India’s capital.

The announcement was made by SFJ founder Gurpatwant Singh Pannun in a video message on Monday.

The clip that has now gone viral on social media shows ‘Punjab is Not India’ and ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ slogans written by the banned pro-Khalistan group at Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Office Complex of Bagha Purana and Rode village of Moga district in northern Indian state of Punjab.

Rode is the native village of slain Khalistan separatist and terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

Graffiti aimed to communicate to G20 foreign ministers

Pannun in the video further said the graffiti is aimed to communicate to the foreign ministers of G20 countries that “Punjab is not a part of India”.

“This message is for the G20 foreign ministers. Punjab is not India. SFJ will storm and target the New Delhi Airport with Khalistan flags,” he said.

“Now is the time that you (G20 foreign ministers) support the Khalistan referendum. You support the Sikh’s rights to self-determination and you do not recognise India’s territorial integrity because India is not a country but a union of states with a condition. If people do not want to stay with that union they have the right to vote,” said Pannun.

The incident comes barely within a week after a police station at Ajnala near Amritsar was attacked on 23 February. The "action" was led by Amritpal Singh, who is a Khalistan sympathiser.

Dubai-returned Singh was recently anointed the head of 'Waris Punjab De', the organisation founded by actor and activist Deep Sidhu who died in a road accident last year.

Claimed to be a follower of Bhinderwale, Singh made some controversial speeches during the past few weeks.

G20 summit in New Delhi

G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting (FMM) is scheduled to be held in physical format on 1 and 2 March, 2023 in New Delhi under India’s presidency.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to address the G20 foreign ministers and will talk about India’s growing influence globally.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and foreign ministers of the member nations as well as the special invitees along with other international bodies will be present at the meet in the national capital.

As part of the group's activities, India is expected to hold more than 200 meetings in 55 different locations across the country to showcase its cultural heritage, culminating in the annual G20 summit scheduled for 9-10 September in New Delhi.

What is G20?

G20 or Group of 20 is an intergovernmental forum of the world's major developed and developing economies.

Collectively, the G20 accounts for 85 per cent of the global GDP, 75 per cent of international trade, and two-thirds of the world population, making it the premier forum for international economic cooperation.

Who are G20 members?

The members of G20 are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the UK, the US, and the European Union (EU).



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