Lalru Bus Massacre


Punjab, India


Jul 06, 1987

Attack Type

Gun Attack

Khalistani terrorists attacked a passenger bus and killed 38 innocent civilians and injured another 33 others on July 6, 1987, near Lalru village in Mohali District of Punjab. Around a half dozen terrorists belonging to Khalistan Commando Force (KCF) forcefully stopped a passenger bus - Haryana Roadways bus HYE 1735 – near Lalru village (between Jamalpur and Hasanpur villages) and opened fire on passengers, killing 38 passengers including women and children. Most of those victims were from Hindu community who were on their way to Rishikesh, a major Hindu pilgrimage site. The terrorists had followed the passenger bus in a white car and a truck from Chandigarh, before getting control of it.


According to the eyewitness, one of the terrorists, later identified as Gurmit Singh alias Tony, was also accidentally shot dead during the firing. It was also found that the passengers were looted by the attackers before getting killed. Later, Police recovered a KCF letter from the bus which said that “flower of Sikh youth was being killed in Punjab and therefore a hundred Hindus would now be killed for every Sikh.”