Conflict, not terrorism claiming lives of Indian soldiers in Kashmir: SFJ

Sep 16, 2023

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, the general counsel for the Sikh for Justice (SFJ), stated on Saturday that the killings of Indian soldiers in occupied Kashmir are not due to the acts of terrorism but from the conflict with indigenous Kashmiri freedom fighters.

In a video statement, the SFJ representative said that the freedom fighters were native to Kashmir and possessed the right to freedom, akin to the right of the people in Punjab, including Sikhs who had the right to reclaim their homeland from what they viewed as unlawful Indian occupation.

Pannun issued a stern caution to India, emphasising that if a peaceful resolution was not sought in Punjab, this might escalate into armed conflict.

Furthermore, he highlighted the delicate situation in Kashmir, where the Indian army was accused of instilling fear by pressuring innocent Kashmiris and targeting freedom fighters.

Today, he stated, the conflict was currently limited to Kashmir, but he anticipated that it might extend to Punjab in the future as part of an effort to free Punjab from Indian control.