Violent Clashes Erupt During Khalistan Referendum in San Francisco as Rival Gangs Clash

Feb 03, 2024

A video circulating on social media captures violent clashes during the purported "Khalistan referendum" in San Francisco. The footage depicts men involved in the conflict assaulting each other, while security personnel attempt to regain control of the situation. Notably, individuals in the tumult are seen displaying Khalistani flags. The clash appears to involve rival gangs, with Major Singh Nijjar's group reportedly being sidelined by Pannu, and the SFJ promoting the Sabi gang. The video, uploaded by social media user Siddhant Sibal on January 28th, underscores the intense and violent nature of the confrontation. The Khalistan referendum event in San Francisco attracted thousands of Khalistani sympathizers waving flags, who arrived to participate in voting for an independent Khalistan.