Gurpatwant Singh Pannun threatens Indian Diplomats in Western Countries

The Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) chief, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, through a video, purportedly taken on July 5 in front of the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York, United States (US) threatened Indian diplomats in Western countries. In the video, Pannun targeted the Indian diplomats and blamed them for the death of Khalistani terrorist and the chief of Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF), Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who was killed in Canada on June 18. 'Yes, we will hold Sandhu-Verma-Doraiswami-Malhotra-Vohra, the Indian diplomats in the US, Canada, UK, Italy, and Australia accountable for the assassination of Shaheed Nijjar,' Pannun said in the video.

Unites States    05-Jul-2023