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25-Jul-2020 A day ahead of launching voter registration in Jammu and Kashmir for its online 'Referendum 2020' campaign, the banned Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) group has activated a direct hotline from United States (US) to woo people in the Valley infected with Covid-19. Intelligence agencies issued alerts across Jammu and Kashmir soon after the information leaked that the secessionist group has announced to give Rs 2,000 to every novel coronavirus infected persons in the Valley irrespective of their religion. According to sources, SFJ has offered financial support for four days between July 25 and July 28, an attempt to gain sympathy from residents of Jammu and Kashmir for its illegal 'Referendum 2020' agenda. In its message to people of Jammu and Kashmir, who are affected by the coronavirus, the SFJ has asked them to contact the group at its Covid-19 Hotline via WhatsApp on +19175796400 or email at [email protected] to get the aid.
18-Aug-2015 A former Sikh separatist leader - Satwinder Singh Bhola (52), the owner of Griswold Grocery& Liquor in Peoria, was stabbed to death by unidentified assailants outside his apartment in the U.S. city of Illinois. Bhola was parking his car in the parking lot of his apartment complex on August 16 when some unidentified persons attacked him with a knife. Bhola was nominated as Spokesperson of All India Sikh Student Federation at the peak of militancy in Punjab. Following operation Blue Star in Amritsar, he served a two-year jail sentence. 1
21-Apr-2001 AISSF President, Manjit Singh Bhoma demanded that Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal should announce a general amnesty for all those terrorists who had migrated to western countries during the decade-long terrorism in the State. He said these terrorists should be allotted Siromani Akali Dal (SAD) (Badal) tickets in the ensuing State Legislative Assembly elections so that they could raise their genuine demands in the State Assembly in a democratic way, instead of taking up the gun culture.
21-Dec-1990 AISSF (Daljit) Ropar directed all Government/Private School to recite “Deh Shiva Bar Mohe” instead of National Anthem.
15-Oct-1990 YAD (B) urged all factions of Akalis and AISSF to come together and devise a collective plan to serve as a protective shield for the militants.
27-Jul-1990 A warning was issued by several militant groups, including SSF, AISSF (Bittoo), BTFK, KCF, and KLF, cautioning students of a specific community not to apply for admission in professional colleges.
24-Jul-1990 The President and General Secretary of AISSF (M), R S Mehta and A S Chawla respectively, proclaimed that they do not endorse the Indian Constitution and are therefore working towards the emancipation of a Sikh state. They also affirmed that while they would not participate in elections, they would support the Mann group. They further extended an offer of security to Hindus in exchange for their support of the Sikh movement.
22-Jun-1990 AISSF (Mehta) started a 3-day Gurmat Training Camp in Gurudwara Bhibhaur Sahib, Nangal in Ropar.
21-Jun-1990 At a blog ceremony, Bhai Manjit Singh (AISSF) asked VP Singh to give complete sovereignty to Sikhs on the pattern of USSR.
31-May-1990 AISSF (Mehta), in Ludhiana, declared that they did not believe in the Indian Constitution and their aim was the achievement of Khalistan.
28-May-1990 The militant outfits, AISSF, KCF, KLF and BKI criticized Rajdev Singh for accusing SS Mann of being a Congress(I) agent.
20-May-1990 Bhai Manjit Singh held a meeting of representatives of various employees’ unions in the Golden Temple Complex for getting support to AISSF programme.
08-May-1990 Rajinder Singh Mehta becomes President of AISSF-Mehta after the resignation of Harjinder Singh Jinda.
03-May-1990 During AISSF (Mehta) conference in Bareh, Bathinda, Manjit Singh visualized the emergence of Khalsa Raj.
14-Apr-1990 H.S. Jinda, President of AISSF (who is in Jail) nominated R.S. Mehta as Acting President.
09-Apr-1990 AISSF (Mehta) elected Harjinder Singh Jinda (Assassin of General Vaidya) as President with 3-member Ad-hoc committee of R.S. Mehta, Sukhbir Singh of Delhi and Satwinder Singh Bhola. The meeting extended support to militant outfits in Jammu and Kashmir and Assam and appealed to USSR and USA presidents to use their influence to grant associate membership to the Sikhs in UN.
22-Mar-1990 AISSF (Mehta) announced new set-up of Federation, dividing Punjab into four zones, forming 5-member committee for each zone.
11-Mar-1990 The Panthic Committee Zaffarwal, AISSF-Buttar, AISSF-Bandala, Manochahaland Rajasthani & KCF- Jhamke group along with SAD (M)jointly read out messages in favour of Khalistan on behalf of militants in Hola Mohalla celebrations at Anandpur Sahib. SS Mann claimed that Sikh religion could not be protected till the ‘Sikh State’ established and he also justified the killing of Indira Gandhi and Vaidya.
11-Mar-1990 In a joint conference of AISSF (Manjit) and SAD (M) at Anandpur Sahib, Manochahal and Rajasthani expressed their determination to continue their struggle till the achievement of Khalistan and threatened that anyone blaming the Taksal would be liquidated.
28-Feb-1990 A message from Barjinder Singh, convenor AISSF (Buttar) said that they did not believe in the Indian Constitution which allowed killing of Sikh youth.
23-Feb-1990 Gurnam Singh Bundala announced himself as the acting president of AISSF under the aegis of Damdami Taksal, Chief Baba Thakur Singh.
20-Feb-1990 SS Mann accused Tohra, Badal and H.S. Longowal for being responsible for the ‘Operation Blue Star’. He criticised Rail Roko call by AISSF(M) as flop.
20-Feb-1990 In an AISSF (Bittu) conference at Gurudwara Sarabha Nagar in Ludhiana, families of so called Shaheeds (martyrs) were honoured with Siropas. A resolution to continue the struggle till attainment of Khalistan was also passed in the conference.
17-Feb-1990 Bhai Manjit Singh expelled Amarjit Singh Chawla, Virsa Singh Valtoha and Rajinder Singh Mehta from the primary membership of AISSF.
24-Jan-1990 The general secretary of AISFF, H.S. Sandhu was shot dead by three unidentified persons at his house in Court Road in Amritsar. 1
07-Jan-1990 Baldev Singh of AISSF (D), while addressing an Akhand Path gathering at Bathinda, described AISSF as Fauj (Army) of Khalistan and its main duty is to fight for the creation of Khalistan. He also asked Mann not to accept anything less than Khalistan.
01-Jan-1990 The general secretary of AISSF, H S Sandhu, while addressing a press conference in Golden Temple Complex, disclosed that they will release a list of police officers involved in the killing of Sikh youth on January 26.
26-Dec-1989 At AISSF conference, Manjit Singh Mohali, Joginder Singh Popi, Jagroop Singh (Daljit group) and Harminder Singh Gill, AISSF- Manjit declare that they want to create Khalistan or a separate State of Sikhs. Several resolutions - justifying the demand for Khalistan, expressing faith in armed struggle, declaring Harjinder Singh Jinda and Sukhdev Singh Sukha as “Live Martyrs”, warning those desirous of capturing power ignoring sacrifices of youths, describing Gurnam Singh Buttar as Shaheed, appealing to UN to recognize Punjab as Khalistan State, recognizing Manochahal as Jathedar Akal Takht and appealing to in charge of Kar Sewas to Give funds to militants - passed.
19-Dec-1989 The chief organiser of AISSF, Rajinder Mehta released from Sangrur jail. Talking to newsmen, Mehta and Sandhu reiterate their goal is the creation of Khalistan for which they would never seek-foreign aid. Urging that power should be handed over to Sikhs in a peaceful manner to avoid an armed struggle, they also demanded the arrest of Rajiv Gandhi and his associates who were responsible for the killing of Sikhs in Delhi.
17-Dec-1989 AISSF calls for a Punjab Bandh on January 1, 1990, demanding punishment for November 1984 riots and an end to fake police encounters.
06-Dec-1989 Addressing a function, Bibi Pritam Kaur, the wife of Rachhpal Singh, Ex-PA to Bhindranwale, urges the militants, the AISSF and S.S. Mann to work for achievement of Khalistan and to avenge killing of youth and molestation of women.
05-Dec-1989 H.S. Sandhu in Amritsar declares he doesn’t believe in the Indian Constitution and endorses declaration of Khalistan. He demands a referendum for the creation of Khalistan. in this behalf. He also seeks Khalsa Panchayats at village level, says all major disputes would be settled at Sri Akal Takht Sahib and promises that AISSF would continue its struggle till creation of Khalistan.
30-Nov-1989 AISSF office secretary Avtar Singh Boparai says Manjit Singh had directed newly elected UAD (M) and three independent MPs supported by the party and AISSF not to take oath until the government – 1) Apologises for Operation Bluestar and the desecration of the Akal Takht. 2) Promises to Punish culprits of November 1984 riots. 3) Releases all army personnel lodged in Jails. 4) Removes Governor and DGP Punjab & register cases against them including Riberio for killing of Sikh Youth 4) Withdraws CRPF from Punjab.
25-Nov-1989 AISSF convener Daljit Singh appeals to Sikhs to boycott elections, and criticizes those who had boycotted 1985 elections but were contesting now under the same Indian Constitution.
27-Oct-1989 A strike called by AISSF (M) to protest against award of death sentence to General A.S. Vaidya’s killers observed in various colleges in the State.
20-Sep-1989 The delegate session of AISSF at Gurudwara Ramsar Amritsar resolves to continue its struggle till the fulfilment of the goal fixed by Bhindranwale and Bhai Amrik Singh. It also decides to set up a committee to create a joint front with all the Khalistani militant organisations in and outside India.
09-Sep-1989 A conference of AISSF (Manjit) at Bathinda endorses resolution adopted in Sarbat Khalsa on September 20, 1986 and hails the recognition of J.S Rode and other high priests as real Jathedars by Baba Thakur Singh.
29-Jul-1989 AISSF president, Bhai Manjit Singh released from Sangrur Jail.
30-Jun-1989 The Punjab Bandh called by the AISSF receives mixed response.
14-Jun-1989 The working committee appoints PS Badal as Chairman of the SAD (T) Parliamentary Board and forms the Sant Sipahi Forum to fight against government’s misconducts. It also supports the Punjab bandh of June 30 called by the AISSF.
07-Jun-1989 The AISSF Bundala organizes a Shahidi Samagam and declared its goal as ‘Halimi Raj’ (rule of the humble) under the political influence of the Akal Takht. It resolves the formation of Khalsa Panchayats, appeals to villagers to elect only Amritdhari Sikhs and recognises Baba Thakur Singh as the chief of Damdami Taksal. It also calls for a Punjab bandh on June 30 to protest against the alleged police excesses.
05-Jun-1989 The AISSF opens its office near Gurudwara Sahib
14-Apr-1989 Partial response to the bandh call by AISSF (Buttar) group against the killing of GS Buttar and Jhamke except in Tarn Taran and Majitha areas.
13-Apr-1989 AISSF (Bundala) announces its decision to hold a Ghalughara (Massacre) week from June 6 to June 10, 1989.
29-Mar-1989 Balwinder Singh resigns from the membership of the Panthic Committee and supports unity between AISSF, KCF, KLF and BTFK.
08-Feb-1989 Gurnam Singh Butter alleges that Bundala is a Government agent at the Shahidi conference organised by AISSF (Bittoo group) in memory of students killed in Nakodar firing.
03-Feb-1989 Four of the five Panthic Committee members warn Gurbachan Singh Manochahal to refrain from creating differences/groupism in the Panth, militants and the AISSF, failing which action would be taken against him.
13-Jan-1989 AISSF and Jasbir Singh Rode honour the families of Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh by presenting Saropas, gold medals and cash.
13-Jan-1989 AISSF and Jasbir Singh Rode honoured the families of Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh by presenting Saropas, Gold Medals and cash.
13-Jan-1989 The AISSF (Bundala group) organized Panthic Dharam Samagam at the Maghi Mela Mukatsar. The former High priests and Baba Joginder Singh criticized the execution of Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh and presented gold medal and Rs. 51000/- each to widow of Kehar Singh and father of Satwant Singh
05-Jan-1989 Darshan Singh Ragi and J.S Talwandi call seven days of protests against the execution of Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh and wear black turbans/dupattas. SAD(L), UAD (MANN), AISSF, Panthic Committee, PHRO, and Sikh lawyers Council also give similar calls.
01-Jan-1989 AISSF is re-organised, Manjit Singh and Harminder Singh Sandhu retained as President and General Secretary respectively, Gurnam Singh Bundala appointed as Acting President, Gurnam Singh Buttar and Baldev Singh Hotian as Vice Presidents.
22-Nov-1988 After the announcement that Kehar Singh and Satwant Singh would be executed, AISSF (Daljit group) issues a poster appealing to all to stop work and close establishments for three days.
07-Nov-1988 Gurnam Singh Bundala and Gurnam Singh Buttar factions of AISS united under Bundala as convener, pledge to work under the old Panthic committee.
01-Jul-1988 A seven member AISSF ad-hoc committee supported by the Panthic formed with Gurnam Singh Bundala as convenor and Gurnam Singh Buttar as member.
13-May-1988 Pro-AISSF students from GNDU Amritsar, Polytechnic Hoshiarpur, PAU, ITI and GNE Ludhiana, Punjabi University and Thapar College Patiala observe a strike to protest the arrest of high priests and firing at the Golden Temple Complex in Amritsar.
13-Apr-1988 Jasbir Singh Rode addresses Baisakhi conference at Talwandi Sabo, quotes Bhindranwale as saying the foundation of Khalistan would be laid the day Government attacks the Golden Temple. Announces the dissolution of both factions of the AISSF and the formation of a five-member ad hoc committee with Gurjit Singh, Gurjit Singh Kaka, Surinder Singh Baba, Kulwant Singh Khukhrana and Sher Singh Brar.
11-Mar-1988 AISSF (Gurjit), vice president Sher Singh Sher maintains that the aim of the federation was to attain Khalistan and nothing else would be acceptable as they had already rejected the Indian constitution.
09-Mar-1988 Jasbir Singh Rode takes over as Jathedar Akal Takht. Saropas presented on behalf of Panthic committee, AISSF, KCF, BTFK, Akal Federation and SGPC.
23-Dec-1987 Gurnam Singh Buttar of the AISSF and fellow Akalis presents ed a resolution on Khalistan the Shaheedi Jorh Mela organised by the United Akali Dal at Fatehgarh Sahib, which was passed by a show of hands Gurnam Singh Buttar of AISSF got resolution passed from the United Akali Dal stage at Fatehgarh Sahib.
01-Apr-1987 The Secretary of SGPC, Abhinashi Singh and Dr. B.S Brar go missing and are suspected to have been killed by Gurjit Singh of AISSF. 2
26-Jan-1987 Republic Day observed as “Black Day” at some places in Punjab following a call given by United Akali Dal and AISSF. Khalistan flags hoisted on some buildings in the Golden Temple complex.
01-Dec-1986 After his removal from the the Panthic Committee, Aroor Singh organizes splinter groups like Mai Bhago Tat Khalsa, Khalistan Armed Police and Dashmesh Regiment under the banner of AISSF (Manjit Singh). Gurjit Singh of AISSF announces the expulsion of Harminder Singh Sandhu, Rajinder Singh Mehta, Amarjit Singh Chawla, Harinder Kahlon, Virsa Singh Valtoha from the organization.
24-Oct-1986 The Istari wing of AISSF announces the formation of a Mai Bhago Regiment to avenge the killing of Sikh youth.
20-Sep-1986 AISSF (Manjit), a faction of the AISSF – a Sikh radical organization, resolves to continue the struggle in collaboration with Damdami Taksal for the creation of Khalsa Raj.
04-Jun-1986 Shiromani Akali Dal (Dissident group), Damdami Taksal, and AISSF (Manjit) organize a Shaheedi conference. Resolutions are passed demanding the resignation of Chief Minister Surjit Singh Barnala and his expulsion from Shiromani Akali Dal. Panthic Committee appoints Gurbachan Singh Manochahal as the Jathedar of Akal Takht in absence of Gurdev Singh, who is under detention.
04-Jun-1986 AISSF workers attack a police Task Force which enters the Golden Temple complex.
13-Apr-1986 United Akali Dal, AISSF and Damdami Taksal organize a Sarbat Khalsa, where several resolutions are passed. These include continuing the struggle against the central government, an appeal to Sikhs to gherao Akali MLAs and force them to resign, and declaring that the Jathedar of Akal Takht would only be appointed by Sarbat Khalsa.
29-Mar-1986 Bandh call given by AISSF (Manjit) in Punjab to protest the sentence awarded to the assassins of PM Indira Gandhi receives partial response.
26-Mar-1986 Separate conferences organized by United Akali Dal/AISSF/Damdami Taksal and Shiromani Akali Dal at Anandpur Sahib in Rupnagar district.
16-Mar-1986 Violent clashes occur between AISSF and Shiv Sena workers near Gurudwara Shri SatKartaria, Batala in Gurdaspur district. The AISSF appeals to Sikhs stop supplying milk and fodder to Batala.
16-Feb-1986 The Sarbat Khalsa Samagam called by Sikh Sahibs declares the decisions taken by United Akali Dal and AISSF during the January 26 Sarbat Khalsa as “null and void”. They also urge the SGPC and Shiromani Akali Dal to stop the interference at Akal Takht by these fringe groups.
14-Feb-1986 Gurdev Singh Kaunke, appointed by radical Sikh groups as the acting Jathedar of Akal Takht in absence of Jasbir Singh Rode, declares that the Panthic Committee will send AISSF and Damdami Taksal activists to Anandpur Sahib on February 16.
04-Feb-1986 The radical groups, United Akali Dal and AISSF attack police blocking their entry into curfew bound Nakodar town in Jalandhar district to avenge the fire in the Granthi’s Gurudwara room rumoured to have been started by Shiv Sena. Four AISSF activists killed and seven others injured in the clash with the police. 4 7
29-Jan-1986 The radical Sikh groups, United Akali Dal, AISSF and Damdami Taksal decided to gherao the district courts on February 21, disrupt the supply of milk and fodder to the cities, and gherao the Vidhan Sabha during the budget session. The President of United Akali Dal, Mohkam Singh, announced the formation of a 151-member Panthic committee for running the Sikh affairs and administration of Gurudwaras.
29-Jan-1986 The radical Sikh groups, United Akali Dal, AISSF, and Damdami Taksal decide to gherao district courts on February 21, disrupt the supply of milk and fodder to the cities, and gherao the Vidhan Sabha during the budget session. The President of United Akali Dal, Mohkam Singh, announces the formation of a 151-member Panthic committee for running the Sikh affairs and administration of Gurudwaras.
22-Jan-1986 The President of SGPC announces that a five -member committee comprising Thakur Singh, Jagtar Singh, Harbans Singh, Uttam Singh, Khadoor Sahib, and Deewan Singh would supervise the Kar Sewa from January 26,1986. The AISSF in turn puts up posters saying that Damadami Taksal would be performing Kar Sewa without the help of SGPC.
10-Jan-1986 The radical Sikh students’ group AISSF called for the “Rasta Roko Agitation”. However, it did not evoke any response from the public.
10-Jan-1986 A “Rasta Roko Agitation” called by .the radical Sikh students’ group AISSF fails to evoke public response.
28-Dec-1985 Shaheed Samagam at Gurudwara Gurdarshan Prakash in Amritsar attended by United Akali Dal and AISSF workers. Mohkam Singh reads out a resolutions authorizing Thakur Singh to look after the affairs of Damdami Taksal.
25-Jul-1985 The Punjab extremist groups --United Akali Dal and AISSF -- reject the Rajiv-Longowal Accord. At a meeting convened by United Akali Dal, Harchand Singh Longowal, Barnala and Balwant Singh accused of destroying the Akal Takht.
27-Feb-1985 The Akali Dal declares June 3 to June 6 would be observed as Black Days, and demands the ban on the radical group AISSF be lifted.
20-Mar-1984 The Government of India banned the radical student group AISSF (All India Sikh Students Federation).
20-Mar-1984 The Government of India bans the radical student group All India Sikh Students Federation, or AISSF. .
20-Sep-1983 Amrik Singh re-elected AISSF president, and he re-nominates Harminder Singh Sandhu as the General Secretary of the organization.
19-Jul-1982 AISSF President Amrik Singh arrested in connection with the attempt on the life of Joginder Singh Sant Nirankari.
16-Sep-1981 Confrontation between police and Khalsa College students in Amritsar.
12-Jul-1981 The working committee of AISSF expresses resentment over anti-Sikh articles published in the Jalandhar based vernacular papers, especially one belonging to Lala Jagat Narain. Narain asked to apologize by August 22 or face dire consequences..
07-Dec-1980 A meeting convened by Balbir Singh Sandhu decides to woo students in favour of Khalistan. Sandhu assigned the task of establishing contact with various educational institutions by liaising with AISSF (All India Sikh Students’ Federation) and Khalistan Mukti Morcha.